My Top 7 SEC Teams for 2015

Ole Miss
Ole Miss
Mississippi State
Mississippi State


In 2014 the SEC finished with the best non conference record going 55-12 mark. Although they haven’t won a national title in two years the SEC is still the best conference in college football in my opinion. Last year the SEC West did not lose a game to a non conference team or a SEC East foe until week 8 when Georgia defeated Arkansas in Little Rock 45-32. Even though the SEC West finished with a 2-5 bowl game record those five bowl losses were the only non conference games that they lost. So going into the bowl games last year the SEC West had an undefeated record going 28-0! Ironically the SEC East went undefeated in bowl games last year with a 5-0 record. Besides having a very competitive conference what sets the SEC apart from that in most of their marquee non conference games that win them. This year is no difference as I have picked 15 non conference games for the 2015 season that will shape the path to the college football playoffs. First here are the best non conference regular season wins for the SEC from the 2014 season.

2014 SEC Best Non Conference Regular Season Wins

8/30/14 – Alabama 33, West Virginia 23

8/30/14 – Gerogia 45, Clemson 21

8/28/14 – Ole Miss 35, Boise State 13

8/30/14 – LSU 28, Wisconsin 24

9/6/14 – South Carolina 33, East Carolina 23

9/13/14 – Missouri 38, Central Florida 10

9/13/14 – Arkansas 49, Texas Tech 28

9/18/14 – Auburn 20, Kansas State 14

2015 Top Non Conference SEC Games

  1. 9/5 – Alabama vs Wisconsin (Arlington, TX)
  2. 9/12 – Oklahoma at Tennessee
  3. 9/5 – Texas A&M vs Arizona State (Houston)
  4. 11/28 – Clemson at South Carolina
  5. 9/5 – Auburn vs Louisville (Atlanta)
  6. 11/28 – Georgia at Georgia Tech
  7. 11/28 – Florida State at Florida
  8. 9/3 – South Carolina vs North Carolina (Charlotte)
  9. 9/19 – Texas Tech at Arkansas
  10. 9/12 – East Carolina at Florida
  11. 11/14 – Missouri vs BYU (Kansas City)
  12. 11/28 – Louisville at Kentucky
  13. 10/17 – Ole Miss at Memphis
  14. 9/26 – LSU at Syracuse
  15. 10/31 - Vanderbilt at Houston

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Kevin Goodwin 18 months ago

SEC isnt afraid of anybody and they usually back it up. This may be one reason why so many people dislike the conference.

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