8 Fishing Tips to Make You Feel Comfortable at the Waterside

The comfortable angler

It's very important to realize that unless you're comfortable and at peace with yourself, you just won't be able to concentrate properly on your fishing. In fact, you'll pretty soon make an excuse to pack up and go for home, and you won't catch many fish that way! Here are just a few pointers to help you feel comfortable at the waterside, so that you can get on with the job of enjoying your fishing.

  • Don't drink alcohol - it acts as an initial stimulant but leaves you cold in winter after the first flush of euphoria. In the summer heat, it is far better to take soft drinks, mineral water or juices.
  • In the winter, supply yourself with plenty of hot drinks to maintain inner warmth. The early and late summer months can also prove to be very chilly.

  • Don't stint on energy producing food, especially if you're fly fishing, lure fishing, or any style of fishing that demands physical activity. If you're feeling hungry, then you'll soon be thinking of home.
  • Even if you don't wear it, always take a hat with you. Remember that in winter a great deal of heat escapes through your head and even in summer, if your head gets wet, you'll soon begin to feel chilly.
  • Unless it's a baking summer's day, always make sure that you keep your body and, in particular, your hands and feet, bone dry. Once your fingers become wet and icy, then all chance of effective fishing will disappear.

  • Be especially careful of river banks in icy winter conditions or even in wet, slipper)' summer ones. Believe me, there is absolutely nothing worse than falling in when temperatures are below freezing... I know, it's happened to me on a couple of occasions and the second time I was lucky to escape with my life. 
  • If there are mosquitoes or midges about, don't forget a net or insect repellent lotion - you just cannot fish if you're harassed by insects. 
  • If you're planning a very long stay at water - after carp, for example -make sure that you've got something comfortable to sit or lie on. Once your body begins to ache, your concentration soon vanishes.

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Spongy0llama profile image

Spongy0llama 6 years ago from Canada

Thanks for the tips. I don't really like fishing, but maybe can try it in light of some of these ideas. Thanks!

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