A Roman tale of obsession.

Fernando Torres- When an obsession clouds your judgement.

Have you ever wanted something so much that you would have done anything to get it, something so important that you were convinced it was the missing piece? Something that was so obsessive it meant you were prepared to do things that were stupid, illogical and irrational and even treat good people badly in the process?

Roman Abromovich saw Fernando Torres destroy Chelsea several times following his move from Spain and at the time when he was the most deadly striker in the world, his pace was electric and his finishing clinical, Nemanja Vidic was widely regarded as one of the best centres halves in the world at the time and Torres destroyed him in two games, which both ended up with the Serbian seeing red and probably grateful to have been put out of his misery by the refs. He was unstoppable once he built up a head of steam, close mark him and he turn turn and lose you; play a high line and he could play a yard off the shoulder and still make up the ground with gazelle like speed. Contrast that with the Torres we saw against Man City yesterday, it was pitiful to see the way he struggled to get past Vincent Kompany and even more so against James Milner, who is hardly renowned for his turn of pace.

The following article could go some way to explaining why Torres is the shadow of the player he used to be and a damning indictment of Roman Abromovich and Liverpool if it is true:


To summarise the points made in the article: Torres was sidelined by knee injuries during the 2009 and 2010 seasons and the article states that Liverpool failed to disclose to Torres the full extent or the seriousness of the injury in an effort to persuade him to play on. Torres eventually went under the knife twice in the space of four months and pushed himself to the limit to get fit for the World Cup.

Despite not having fully recovered Torres started every game for Spain apart from their opener. His performances weren’t good and Del Bosque dropped him in for the final in favour of Pedro, but he did come on as an extra time substitute.In the dying minutes of the game Torres sprinted almost the length of the pitch, which resulted in a groin injury.

Despite a poor start to the season Liverpool sold Torres to Chelsea in January. Torres had made it known that he wanted to leave and despite protestations to the contrary in now appears that Liverpool were more than happy to sell him as the Liverpool medical staff had known for a while that Fernando’s knee was still in a bad shape, Liverpool firmly believed that if Chelsea were aware of that, they might not want to buy him anymore.

Torres agent had been saying that Torres had wanted to leave Liverpool in the summer and handed in a transfer request earlier but Liverpool only made it publically known two days before deadline day. Torres signed for Chelsea on transfer window day a few minutes before the midnight deadline. Journalists Duncan Castles and Ben Jacobs have claimed that Torres didn’t undergo a complete medical at Chelsea as the clock was ticking and he had to sign his contract before the dealine expired. A Liverpool staff member is reported to have said that when Fernando left Melwood that day he expected to see him back the next day because they didn’t he didn't think he’d pass the medical at Chelsea.

Ben Jacobs interviewed Benitez last week and described Fernando’s injury as “degenerative”, and said the issue “Has been apparent since before he moved from Liverpool, he told Jacobs that he knows about his condition in detail and that it’s the reason for his form and confidence issues. Torres received a bucketful of abuse from the Liverpool fans when he left the club, but even before he left he said there were reasons that he wasn't willing to go into for wanting to leave. It would make sense that he subsequently found out about the seriousness of the injury and the fact that Liverpool weren't forthcoming in disclosing the seriousness of the injury to Torres or the long term implications. Who would want to stay at a club that is willing to play Russian roulette with your career?

It is also pretty despicable if Liverpool delayed the signing until the last possible moment to engineer a situation where it made it impractical for Chelsea to give Torres a full medical and equally as foolish of Abramovich to sanction such a move, but obsession has a strange way of usurping logic.

We all know at the time that Torres was overpriced at £50 million, even in his prime eyebrows would have been raised at such an exulted fee, but as we know Abramovich was obsessed with signing Torres. However, it doesn't matter how big the obsession it does not excuse the sacrificing at the altar of Carlo Ancelotti, AVB and Roberto Di Matteo, nor does it justify getting rid of a striker who has just won you your holy grail to make life easier for the object of your obsession.

Obsession is a destructive emotion; it clouds the judgement and turns sane people into lunatics, blinding them to reality in the process. It is almost a case of star crossed lovers; Roman is willing to go to any extreme to get back the old Torres, even sacking a popular manager for dropping him, when paradoxically recuperation woud be the best thing for him. But then again the one area where Chelsea have a paucity of players is upfront, it that just a coincidence? whatever the reason it is seriouly impacted on our results at the moment.

As any red blooded male will tell you, a woman can look irresistible in her makeup and through beer goggles, but in the sobering light of morning and with the goggles removed she isn't quite the person you thought she was when you first saw her. Fernando's blistering speed was his makeup and fortunately for him Abramovich has yet to take the beer goggles off, but when he does I fear he will sadly feel the bitter disappointment of so many drunken males in the glow of dawn.

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