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Ab Lounger review

Ab Lounger (also known as Ab Lounge) is a new abdominal exerciser that tones and tightens upper and lower abdominals and obliques. This wonderful ab machine works your abdominal muscles much more effectively than simple sit-ups or crunches.

Unlike crunches, it supports your body, especially your back, neck and head, throughout the exercise. And because you are up off the floor, you have better range of motion, which is the complete opposite of doing crunches on the ground. You have good variety of ab workouts. Ab Lounger also strengthens back muscles and stretches your back. You can also use it to give yourself a good body stretch whenever you are feeling tense or sore.

It's really fun and easy to use the machine. You don't feel like you are working out at all. You can use it every day and you'll see results in two weeks.

The Ab Lounge is one of the premier abdominal exercisers on the market today. Its crunching motion targets both the upper and lower abs, as well as works out your back, legs and shoulders. A simple rule of ab machines is that the bigger the crunch the ab machine provides, the larger the workout that your abs feel. The Ab Lounge does offer a full range of motion, which makes it one of the most effective ab machines available.

You may have heard the term “core” when it comes to your body. The Ab Lounge focuses on your core muscles, which includes your abdominals. Your movement, posture and overall health are dependant on having strong, healthy core muscles. The stronger your core is, the greater your overall strength is. The Ab Lounge is designed to help users of all fitness levels improve their core strength and abdominals too.

Even though the Ab Lounge features the simple jackknife motion that is synonymous with ab crunching exercises, you can perform a variety of workouts on the Ab Lounge which target the whole body. It’s as simple as lying down on one side of the body or another, or extending your arms as you work out. With the Ab Lounge, you can easily enjoy the benefits of a total body workout in one simple, easy to assemble and use machine.

The Ab Lounge is a great machine for anyone of any fitness level to use. The Ab Lounge is great for beginners who are looking to start an exercise program and it’s excellent for advanced users who are seeking to augment their training regimen. Most people, when they begin researching which abdominal machine is best for them, either start with the Ab Lounge or inevitably end up with the Ab Lounge, which is why it is such a popular ab workout machine.

Ab lounger Sport

Ab lounger Sport
Ab lounger Sport
With the Ab Lounge you don't have to bother with annoying floor crunches or risk hurting your neck or back. No more boring floor crunches!

One of happy customers says: "I have always had trouble doing crunches or sit-ups because it always hurt my back to lie on the floor but those days are over with Ab Lounge."

When you're at home and don't feel like going to the gym - use Ab Lounger. Put on some music and the time will fly by. You can exercise while you are watching your favorite TV shows. It will keep you from being a couch potato. It's a great way to make the commercial time go by.

You can buy Ab Lounger online. The item is very easy to assemble. All pieces are numbered and the tools required for assembly are enclosed in the box. Total assembly time is less then twenty minutes.

Ab Lounger is a really great piece of equipment to add to one's home gym. I would recommend it for anyone who hates doing floor crunches and wants to exercise their abs comfortably and effectively. Thanks FitnessQuest for making such an easy to use product.

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Jill Patrick 9 years ago

I bought the Ab lounger from a garage sale and they had no directions with it. Is it possible for me to get them from somewhere? Thank you

Fitter profile image

Fitter 9 years ago Author

The simpliest way I think is to watch some videos http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5523734701...

C_Love 9 years ago

They have the manuals on the fitness quest website...

Yoogie33 9 years ago

Am I suppose feel results the next day (tightening of my muscles?

Fitter profile image

Fitter 9 years ago Author

Yoogie, ANY workout or diet can't make you feel results the next day.

tamalou 9 years ago

i was wondering can you fold the ab lounger to fit under the bed after use i have one and would like to put it away once in a while to make room

Fitter profile image

Fitter 9 years ago Author

Beth, it really works. You can find a lot of dissapointing reviews because people think that if they bought an ab lounge and made 100 crunches they should loose weight immediately. This machine does EXACTLY what it says it will do - strengthen your abs. It won't make you skinny, but with the right diet and aerobic conditioning this machine is well worth the money.

Tamalou, you surely can, this machine is rather compact :)

tammy 9 years ago

how do you fold the ablounger to store under your bed orwhere can i find this info

Fitter profile image

Fitter 9 years ago Author

Pain after workouts it's not a result, it's a signal to change the way you being trained.

Lisa 9 years ago

is there somewhere that I can buy a replacement pad for my ab lounger 2? Mine is worn out and starting to rip


Charlene 9 years ago

I do not own one. I did try it out in Bed Bath and Beyond. It was good but toards the back there should have been a pillow to suport the neck

XRA1704 9 years ago


Just had to comment. I used the ab lounge 3yrs ago - good results. (Bought it at Modell's sporting good. 30 days brought it back for a refund) Bought again at beginning of summer, used 1 week (had been hitting the gym 4x a week ardio and weight). Hurt my back so bad I could not go from a sitting to standing position w/o being in extreme pain for at least 3 weeks.

Be very careful!!!

What does actually work great is: ABS OF STEEL I

It only takes 10 min and you can squeeze it in anytime...everyday.

L Ryan 9 years ago

I bought the AB Lounger on sale and it didn't have any assembly directions. Help.


T. Clarke 9 years ago

I got the AB Lounger for Christmas but has no instructions on it. Please help

stacy b 8 years ago

i,v been using the lounger for a while it not only helped my abs but my thights slimed down to WOW

Christa Beaudoin 8 years ago

I bought the Ab Lounger Ultra, did not come with instructions or guide. Is there one that could be mailed to me or emailed to me please. My address is:

Christa Beaudoin - 70 Cummings Avenue, Wethersfield, CT 06109

My email address is: goicc001@hartfordschools.org

Please help.

Thank you.

Christa Beaudoin

florence mathis 8 years ago

if this work for me i will tell everyone i see, if not i will tell everyone i see..

sandycowell@embarqmail.com 8 years ago

can you fold the ab lounger sport up ? No instructions, how many minutes do you use it a day, thanks for your help.

MARIA 8 years ago


joe 8 years ago

how many should i do every day?

Elaine Nadile 8 years ago

Bought the ABLounge sport at a yard sale. I would like a Dvd that goes with it or an exercise manual Please let me know where I can get this?

Sarita 8 years ago

Where can I purchase the replacement pad for the ABLounge?

Denise 8 years ago

I need a new spring thing for mine. Is there anywhere we can get parts? Please help.

Terry 8 years ago

I got mine at goodwill and need instructions.

ted alcantar 8 years ago


beverly 8 years ago

i love my ab lounger..i started a little over a month ago with the ab lounger and i love it, with a bad back it was hard for me to get up and down off the floor, with the ab lounger i can do my crunches and then turn on my side and do side crunches, and if im really stress then just get on it and stretch my whole body.

jayjay 8 years ago

how long do i have to use the ab loubge to see actual results?

Jim G  8 years ago

I am 57 yrs old, male, ,had bought a ab lounger several years ago never used it much , just sitting around unused. After seeing my waist and weight gain to an unhealthy state, I visited a doctor...When I first visited the doctor I weigh in at 231 lbs and a 40 waist, in Jan 08, now my weight is 209 and a waist of 35 inches, largely due to the fact of using the Ab Lounger daily, along with eating a healthy diet.. I never felt this good since my teen years.My daily use of the ab lounger consist of 300 for the top and bottom and 100 each from both sides for a total of 500 daily, which takes appro. 20- 25 minutes.. I have set goals for myself here, as I am looking forward to a weight of 190 to 195 lbs and a waist of 34....I will say that it be a pleasure to see the weight come off....never felt this good for years.

carolyn 8 years ago

can the ab lounger cause lower back pain until you get used to it

Jessicacf 8 years ago

I lost the video to it. Does anyoe know a website were i can order one??

Phil 8 years ago

No, the ab lounger will not help any of you lose weight. It's a toning machine. If you want to lose weight, cut your calories down, and increase your cardio exercise. Get some old fashioned running shoes and do some old fashioned running! Also, an eliptical is a good exercise. Sure, it's not fun at first, but it becomes enjoyable after time.

Anyways, back on track of this machine, it is a great machine for toning. Drop the weight, and then sculpt your abdominal muscles. This lounger is great at not straining your back, neck, thighs, etc.

toya 8 years ago

when u first start out on the lounger what is a good number 2 start with

djrdoodle 8 years ago

to get the manual and dvd call customer support (1-800-321-9236) have serial# located on front bar that rests on floor ready

nadine 8 years ago

Does anyone have instructions for the ab lounger. Thank youl nadbnns@att.net

robin 8 years ago

I need instructions for the ab lounger? Thank you


exercisejunkie 8 years ago

I love my ab lounger! You don't have to wait till you've lost weight to start toning. Building muscle raises your metabolism, therefore helping you lose weight. Even if you need to lose weight in the abdominal area you can still use the ab lounger. Just remember if you still have abdominal fat to lose you will not see that actual muscle tone until the layer of fat has been lost. Don't give up just because you don't have a six pack. :) You can't tone the actual fat but once you lose the weight you need to lose you'll start seeing toned muscles. I'm starting to see definition and I've been using mine for only a week. I've also lost 3 pound in 2 days. No I'm not starving myself. I lift weights, do cardio and yoga, and follow weight watchers. It works great for me. Good luck to everyone!

Rachael 8 years ago

How long does this thing take to show results? like will it make a difference if i use it everyday for the next week before i go to the beach?

n2dolphins5 8 years ago

i brought an ab lounger from craigslist and i did not get a guide with it how can i get a guide ??

n2dolphins5 8 years ago

n2dolphins5@yahoo.com if any one can help me get a guide for my ab lounger

n2dolphins5 8 years ago

n2dolphins5@yahoo.com if any one can help me get a guide for my ab lounger

Joe 8 years ago

I have the AB lounger sport and i seem to of lost the video on how to use it.

Is there a site to download the video for free. If it helps i have dial up. Also how long does it take to get good results like a six pack. Another thing how many times a week do you use the video and if there is a site please give it to me. Basicly the stuff like the paperwork i would like to print out. If there is a site for that please give it to me.

DOGDOG profile image

DOGDOG 8 years ago

Hi , its Joe Again I would like to know the same stuff 4 pefect pushup

let me know

Woozy 8 years ago

How much do you need to do daily to see results?

angie 8 years ago

Click on this link from fitness quest and you'll see all manuals. http://www.fitnessquest.com/scripts/cgiip.exe/WSer...

Bob 8 years ago

Can someone tell me how to get a new cover for an ab lounger? My wife swears by hers, but it tore from sun rot. If anyone knows, please email me. Bob@wres.biz

Dr. Joan Craft 8 years ago

My cousin gave me her AB Lounger, but no directions or routines. Are there any exercises or routines, or booklets that I may purchase to help me out? Please let me know at the above E-Mail address. Thank you.

Dr. Joan Craft


Lee 8 years ago

I've been tying to fold the AbLounge for storage and it doesn't seem possible. Does anyone know how to fold the AbLounge Sport.

Judy Fitz 8 years ago

I bought an AB Lounge Sport Chair. I am in need of the instruction book and DVD to help know how to use this chair. Where can I purchase these items?

Chichi 8 years ago

I got the ab lounge as a present but i dont know how to use it or fold it , can somebody email me with that info pleaseeee..... I will really appreciated it


anne 8 years ago

I love my ab lounger and have had it for 2 to 3 yrs. I do 8 different exercises times 50 reps for a total of 10 to 15 minutes at least 4 t0 5 times a week and you will be amazed. You can tighten up in 2 weeks. My problem is the base of my ab lounger right under my knees simply cracked off, just broke in half. I keep the lounger in my room. Should this have happened and so soon?

dawn joseph 7 years ago

I am looking for the vidio my mother gave this to me and I don't know hpow to use it

pg-13 7 years ago

i have this will it giv me a 6 pac please answer bak thanks!

pg-13 7 years ago

i have this will it giv me a 6 pac please answer bak thanks!

debbie 7 years ago

Someone let me borrow the ab lounger. I would like a DVD or manual on how to use for different parts of body (hips, thighs, etc.) Is there something that I can order?


Stefanii 7 years ago

Im fat, and if i use the AB Lounger, will it make me skinny or will i stay fat and just turn my fat into muscle?

chriss 7 years ago

Im fat will it make me be skinnyy helppp hellppp can get out of bed

Penny 7 years ago

I have used the ab lounger off and on for several years. I have weak muscles in my back and hip areas and the lounger repetitions have helped to strengthen those areas. In addition, you'll notice nice toning going on with the Gluteus Maximus muscles and the thighs. I recommend starting off with a low number of repetitions for a few days before increasing the number. If you're straining too much to finish the repetitions..stay with it until its easier. Be sure to breathe correctly.

I usually do some simple warm ups and stretches before doing the repetitions. I enjoy the lounger and vow to stick with it every day! If you slack off...you need to work up to higher count repetitions rather than jump right back into high numbers. Enjoy.

Helen 7 years ago

I am a heavy person close to 165 and wonder if the ab lounger will be able to hold my weight or will I break it? Anyone large been able to use it successfully.

Marci 7 years ago

I recently got an ab lounge from a garage sale, but it is missing the back band! Does anyone know where i can get this part? Thanks!

Frank (Ab Lounger pro) 7 years ago

You can get a new Ab lounger or hopefully try to post a wanted ad on Craigslist and hope someone who doesn't use theirs will sell you the back band.

Derrick 7 years ago

If you are looking for an honest review you should check out Ab lounger Reviews

Laura 6 years ago

Just bought my Ab Lounger 5 days ago and have already lost 6 1/2 pounds, and am already SEEING and feeling better muscle tone in not only my abdominal area, but my back, arms, butt, hips and upper legs. I have only been working out on it for about 5 minutes in the morning, and a time or two through out the day, (when I have a minute.) This is a great machine, especially for those with very busy schedules. (I have 2 office jobs, and work very long hours, and have to take care of house and family, and do not have to sacrifice a lot of time to work out every day. Literally only a few minutes at a time.)

The Ab Lounger is also very comfortable to use, and has even helped ease my sciatica. This is a GREAT product! No kidding!

Damien 6 years ago

I also need the instructional dvd,it wold be great if someone could email with sugestions, thanks.

Tammy 6 years ago

I just inherited an ab lounge but I need the two bungee cords. They are missing on mine. Does anyone know where I can get these.

Workouts For Abs 6 years ago

Great little machine, I can watch the news and get healthier at the same time. I like that it supports my head too, no more neck issues! Thanks!

Kelsey 6 years ago

I was wondering which is better, the Ab Lounger or the Ab Lounge 2?? I have two available to me to buy and I can't decide which one to get.. HELP!!

Frank Randall 6 years ago

I recently purchased an almost new AB Lounge, and need to obtain an instructional booklet or manual. Can you direct me to a down load sie?

Marleen ward 6 years ago

bought ab lounger no bolts in holes need a replacement pack.Thank YOU. chosenone41@centurylink.net

Ab Lounger 6 years ago

I've read lots of stuff about the ab lounger, ab rocket and the new ab coaster and all of them see to be junk.

Better http://www.abloungerreview.combab lounger reviews here.

tracy 6 years ago

could this ab lounger cause headaches?

Angiee 6 years ago

This is a greatt choice u guys !!(:

Holly 6 years ago

please email me if you have any idea where I can find a new cord for my ab lounge extreme! My dog chewed through it :(

Holly 6 years ago


Lisa Smith 6 years ago

The Church Suits Company have found that women that use the ab lounnger found the suits draped much better

rapture G 6 years ago

At Rapture Gold We sell Ab lounger for have price visit our site at www.rapturegold.com or suitswomens.com

andy Jack 6 years ago

we sell women church suits also ab lounger at wholesale prices

Mary  6 years ago

I love mine. I've used it for well over aq year and get good results.

rapturegold.com  6 years ago

work out 15 min a day and slim down the waist

lauralolita profile image

lauralolita 6 years ago from Florida

I like how easy the Ab Lounger is on joints, but it doesn't seem to really offer a suitable crunch comparison.

mary g 5 years ago

have been using the ab lounger for 4 years.....the material is wearing out and the frame is still good.........where can I purchase the material part for my lounger....please respond if you know where I can purchase this part.........thanks .....will be checking back for any answers ........I'd really appreciate a response....

Kathy Strahan 5 years ago

Is this the best exercise and fitness machine? The Ab Lounge Sport – As Seen on TV?

I was talking with my assistant about this machine the other day. She’s all slim and trim, but she has a friend who is constantly drawn by these kinds of weight loss and exercise gismos, so we decided to research this one for you…


keith 4 years ago

how much weight will it take

christopher spencer 3 years ago

ive got ideas for 2 possibly 3 new ways for this to work 3 to 6 times better

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