Adventures On A $20 Bike

I recently came across a great deal at my local Goodwill. Sitting outside the store was a ten-speed bike in excellent condition. It looked as if it had been sitting in someone's garage since the late 1980's. Upon further inspection (meaning I looked at the price tag), I noticed they were only asking $20. Normally, I"m more of a mountain bike kind of guy, but for the money I decided I would give the ten speed a try.

After a putting some air in the tires, removing the basket off of the handle bars, and spraying a little WD-40 on the chain, I was ready to go for a spin. To my amazement the bike felt practically brand new. Now my $500 Trek sits in the basement collecting dust as I'm off on my 1980's retro machine!

As I rode through town, I figured I would snap some pictures with my phone, however they aren't the greatest quality as my phone is almost as old as the bike.

For those who enjoy the gym atmosphere that is great. But for those like me who would rather be outside, a bike is ideal. For a one time fee of $20, my bicycle is a great way to get outdoors, get some exercise, and explore the town.

Does your gym have a tunnel?
Does your gym have a tunnel?
Smells better than a gym....
Smells better than a gym....

While riding my bike, I saw people of all ages and skill levels. I saw families riding together as well as serious athletes complete with all the gear and gadgets.

Riding downtown, i rode past old buildings and over old bridges to explore parts of the town inaccessible by car.

For me, it's a great way to unwind after the workday, my $20 bike has already paid for itself as it has gotten me outdoors and moving around.

With a bike, you'll save some gas money and feel better about your healthy decision as you find that inner kid in you just waiting to pedal around. Be sure to check your local thrift stores or pawn shops, there may be a great deal waiting for you!

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Attikos profile image

Attikos 4 years ago from East Cackalacky

Is that a Raleigh Grand Prix?

weestro profile image

weestro 4 years ago from Virginia Author

No Attikos, it's a Shogun Cro-Mo 400....never heard of it before but it rides great!

Curiad profile image

Curiad 4 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.

Awesome Pete!

weestro profile image

weestro 4 years ago from Virginia Author

Thanks Curiad

billybuc profile image

billybuc 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

What a great deal and what beautiful countryside. Where is this? That wooden bridge looks very cool!

weestro profile image

weestro 4 years ago from Virginia Author

Lynchburg, Va, there's a great bike trail that runs throughout town, looking at these blurry pics I may need to find a great deal on a digital camera!

Becky Katz profile image

Becky Katz 4 years ago from Hereford, AZ

Wonderful tale of your new toy. I loved the pictures and the trail is magnificent. I wouldn't mind going for a ride on that one. Nothing like it here.

weestro profile image

weestro 4 years ago from Virginia Author

Thanks Becky, we are fortunate for the bike trail, I think it must have been an old railroad route, the tunnel is my favorite part.

Lightshare profile image

Lightshare 4 years ago

Interesting Weestro -)

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