Is this Man the Greatest Liar in the History of Sport?

The World Champion of Lying

There are lies, white lies and then great big black lies. There are lies which are so huge, and repeated so often that they become unchallengeable; accepted totally as being true. Lies of this magnitude are usually associated with political leaders for whom deception is an art form, and for whom their public image is far more important than the truth. But the man in question is not a politician.

Rarely in the history of human endeavour has anyone lied with so much consistency and for such a long period of time as this man. Rarely has anyone had the arrogance to think that he could dupe the world, cheat and make millions of dollars and then even amidst overwhelming evidence of his guilt, keep on protesting his innocence. The arrogance is breathtaking. Who does he think he is?

This man even tried to intimidate his team mates to stop them telling the truth, calling all of them liars in turn, tarnishing their reputations to maintain his own, whilst earning many millions of dollars every year from sponsorship and advertising. Mister ”cleaner than thou” is, we now know, actually the dirtiest of them all.

You might recognize who I am talking about, but he himself undoubtedly would not. You see, he probably sees himself not as a liar and a cheat, but as the victim in all of this; as the innocent party. “I had to do it, I had no choice” he might say. He might try to foist the blame on the sport’s organising body, on the doctors, his team-mates; anyone but himself. His propensity for making up excuses to justify his behaviour is probably endless.

It seems that he felt himself to be above suspicion, untouchable, immune from those weak emotions that plague lesser human beings, and interfere with their career success, such as integrity, honesty and decency. In his personal vocabulary, those words have been struck out and replaced with ruthlessness, deceit and corruption.

Guilty, but protesting his innocence until the very end

Even while all of those around him who also cheated their way to success, were coming clean and admitting their guilt, he remained steadfastly innocent. “Everybody around me cheated, but not me.” he insisted. Time and time again over a decade or more he protested his innocence, all the while continuing to accumulate more accolades, and many more millions of dollars, whilst threatening and intimidating anyone who challenged him. Until one day, the sheer weight of evidence, of eye witness accounts, of written testimonies, became too much even for him to refute. But still he did not come clean.

One by one his sponsors deserted him, his titles were stripped from him, he was ordered to pay back the millions of dollars he had fraudulently received, and still no admission of guilt.

He even apologised for the stress caused to his colleagues by this whole affair, but still no admission of guilt, no remorse on his part. Until the very last gasp, he was still hoping to get away with it, hoping that the fuss would die down, that he could ride out the storm, that it would all blow over before he had to ever admit publicly to his wrongdoing.

From the numerous eye-witness accounts and testimonies of everyone associated with him, there could be no doubt what he had done, the entire world knew what he had done even down to the tiniest details, but still he remained silent.

When he eventually realised that he could not keep his finger in the dam any longer, when he had really exhausted every possible avenue for continued bare-faced lies and deception, when he could no longer threaten and victimise those who told the truth and exposed him, when he was irrevocably backed into a corner, like a trapped rat with nowhere to run, he decided to come clean.

But even then, there was not a hint of remorse. Even then he tried to justify his behaviour, not even realising that what incensed the general public the most, was not the fact that he had cheated so much for so long, but that he had stood in front of a television camera, looked the public in the eye and lied to them, and lied and lied, over and over again, for more than a decade.

We are all human, and we can all understand why, with so much at stake, a sportsman might be tempted to cheat his way to success. We are also ready to forgive such transgressions. But surely an essential element in the process of forgiveness must be remorse?

In order for us to forgive, we want to see and feel that the guilty party genuinely regrets and is sorry for what he has done. It is this genuine, heart felt regret that touches our own hearts and finds there within, a place called compassion which in turn opens the door to forgiveness.

This man, with his breathtaking arrogance, total lack of remorse and monumental capacity for lying does not yet deserve our forgiveness. Yes he is sorry, but he is sorry that he has been caught out; he regrets that he is being forced to admit his guilt and pay back the millions of dollars that he acquired through cheating. Yes he has now admitted his wrong doing, but he is still trying to excuse himself and justify his actions.

A Liar without Remorse

I for one have a feeling that even now, he would still try to wriggle out of the situation if he thought he could; still try to maintain the pretence that he is an honest sportsmen and that everyone is cheating except him.

He is a disgrace, and has some very important personal lessons to learn. He has caused untold damage to his sport, the sports organising bodies, the sponsors, and to his fellow athletes, most of whom are honest and compete without the aid of performance enhancing drugs.

He has now been stripped of the titles and records that he accumulated during his reign as the king of his sport. There is one record however that he is entitled to keep. This achievement belongs solely to him, and he will retain it as no one else has anywhere near his all-natural ability in this domain. Here, his record speaks for itself, and it may well stand for all time.

Yes, in one respect he is still the best, number one, the greatest. He is the greatest liar in the history of sport.


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sannyasinman profile image

sannyasinman 3 years ago Author

The emphasis of the piece is on the lies, not the doping. I don't need in depth knowledge of cycling to know when my I am being lied to. What really riles me is the gall of the man who said that everyone around him, including his team mates were doping EXCEPT him! Lies to the point of intimidating anyone who tried to tell the truth.

Yes he truly is a champion. A champoin liar. We might never see his like again.

Thank you for your comments and your good words about the writing.

CyclingFitness profile image

CyclingFitness 3 years ago from Nottingham UK

Interesting- I assume you're meaning Lance Armstrong and if you are.. You're clearly writing with very little knowledge on cycling and its doping culture which really detracts from what is a well written piece.

many of his competitors were doping at the during his tour wins and therefore in a way it was a level playing field from which he won.


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