Alton Towers UK

Map of Alton Towers Theme Park

Alton Towers Theme Park and Hotels

From gripping white knuckle rides to soothing Spa treatments, there's something for everyone at the Alton Towers Resort - open 365 days a year! make the most of your trip to Alton Towers

Oblivion Coaster at Alton Towers

Alton Towers TV Advert

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Gordon Bennett 9 years ago

I went to alton towers a few weeks back, it was really good, Nemesis is still my favourite ride, but Rita and Oblivion are great as well.

J_Eds profile image

J_Eds 8 years ago from Blackpool

Could you not expend this hub a little?

It's just loads of links...

Elisha 6 years ago

I went to Alton towers on Wednesday through till Thursday and saw that the blackhole is still there but not working because of health and safety reasons. I think that was one of the best rides there when it was still up and running. Please re build it Alton towers it was a very good ride!!

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