Amateur Motocross,FUN starts at the Beginning

The Little Guys can have lots of fun!

Mason - One tuff little Guy!!
Mason - One tuff little Guy!!

Where do I go to race?


Where you live may make it easy or hard to find local motocross races. Ask around at the local motorcycle shops,Or check out the internet! Once you have located a close track that your intrested in,Call and find out when they have races planned,Get the starting times,and ask about entrance fees.Now that you have your where to race plan. Here are a few xtra things that you need to understand.Most states Run AMA sanctioned races.The AMA focuses onrights, riding and racing through its government relations work,by sanctioning road and off-road riding activities and overseeing professional and amateur racing events.There are non ama races but I suggest an AMA race! Just get the info that you need and go racing.Its such a great time and you'll meet good friends.

Starting Gates at different tracks

Preparing for the Race.
Preparing for the Race.
Doug and Dad!
Doug and Dad!
Dutch,Michigan Start
Dutch,Michigan Start
Girls Start at Ponca National!
Girls Start at Ponca National!
PRO-AM race at Motoland!
PRO-AM race at Motoland!

What Race do I sign up for?

A motocross race usually includes a practice session and two "motos." The combined score of the two motos determines the winner. When you go to the sign up area,there will be an entry fee for each class you enter.The entry forms are straight-forward and basically cover liability and class selection.There are a number of beginning-level classes for kids or adults.

Here is a sample of race classes-Your area or tracks may be slightly different.

 50cc 4-6 years old
 50cc 7-8 
 50cc 4-8 
 65cc 7-9 
 65cc 10-11 
 Outlaw 7-11 
 85cc 9-11 
 85cc 12-15 
 125 B/C - 125cc 2-stroke only 
 250 A - B - C. 
 25+ years old
 Quad A-B-C 
 Mini Quad             
 Pitbike Class 
 Women 65-85cc -9-15 years old 
 Women 12+ 99c - 250cc      
As you can see there a many classes to race and as you
get more comfortable,you will probally want to race in
2 different classes!

Time to put on the gear and RACE!

Well now that you have some Ideas and you have filled out the paperwork.You got your classes picked out and you maybe asking what do I expect next? Well listen to the track guys and get out there for your practice,Take it EZ till you know the track and feel good about your ability!Tracks all differ in size and laps raced and lap times.You will now start to have lots of FUN and also figure out that Motocross Racing is a very tuff and demanding sport.You will also be making so many good friends! Go out and give it a try,GOOD LUCK!!

Liquid Image Video Cam Video Goggles-Doug at Paxtrack,Florida

You need video cam goggles.

Want to show what it takes or what you go thur when you race,Show friends and family how much fun you have. This shows what its like to ride or race.Everyone will enjoy this after you down load on to computer and burn onto disc.Check out for your purchase at a good price.

Doug races at hangtime mx with video cam goggles.

Motocross action and friends!

Getting air is FUN!
Getting air is FUN!
Cool jump at Casey,Ill
Cool jump at Casey,Ill
My friends at Ponca Grand National!
My friends at Ponca Grand National!

Watch some Motocross DVDs to get ready to race!

Want to get your self pumped and ready.Go out and rent or buy a Motocross DVD to get the feel of what to expect,There are many types of DVDs-Motocross,ATV or Freestyle. They all will give you a good look at what to expext and really get you excited about the adventure that your going to get!Just remember that this will be so much fun that you'll probally get hooked. DVD reviews.DOUG and WOLFMAN review- TGO The Destroyers 08 - Pro Outdoor Season! -- They Give it Thumbs up!! DVD Review-The Beginning! All Amateurs. DOUG and MATT give it thumbs up!!

Motocross DVD reviews by and SCREEM get Excited over ThrillBillies Double Wide! Crazy guys doing crazy shit!

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doug46 profile image

doug46 7 years ago from Monticello,Indiana Author

Give it a try! Its so easy to locate a track and get signed up.Its just up to you to start having fun after that!

RL27 5 years ago

The link for motocross track finder posted in the comments doesn't seem to work anymore but I found an even better site, to find information on motocross tracks and racing.

scott 5 years ago


chris 4 years ago

Ok im 14 and I ride a 03 yz 125 and everytime I try to get an AMA card they say you have to be be do I get a card and get racing

DOUG 46 4 years ago

Hey Chris, You need to sign up with your parent..

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