Amazing World Records


Held By People:

Heaviest Sportswoman

Name: Sharran Alexander

Weight: 448 lbs (203.2 kg)

Height: 6 ft.


Worlds Tallest Man/Widest Hand Span/ Largest Feet

Name: Sultan Kösen

Weight: N/A

Height: 8 ft. 3 in. (251 cm)


Worlds Fattest Man

Name: Manuel Uribe

Weight: 1,320 lb (597 kg)

Height: N/A

Did you know? He isn’t the world’s fattest man anymore. Since his weight at 1,320 lbs he has dropped all the way down to 440lbs as of February 2012, he weighs 440 lb. (200 kg)


Held By Animals:

The Worlds Largest Crocodile in captivity:

Name: Cassius

Weight: A TON! Literally

Length: 6 Meters


Biggest Snake in Captivity

Name: N/A

Weight: Half a TON!

Length: 48.8 feet! Or 15 meters!

Did you know? It weighs less then the worlds fattest man

Longest Tongue on a Dog

Name: Puggy (I think it should be named tonguee after revieving my dog trainer certification)

Weight: N/A

Length of tongue: 11.43 cm


Worlds Tallest Living Dog

Name: Zeus

Height: 111.8 cm (44 in.)

Did you know? This Great Dane towers 2.2 meters (7 feet 4 inches). Can you imagine having to take dog trainer courses with this dog?


Smallest Living Dog (Height)

Name: Boo Boo

Height: 10.16 cm (4 in.)


World’s Tallest Horse

Name: Radar

Height: 6’7 ½”

Weight: 2,600 lbs.

Did you know: This horse weighs more then a mini cooper!

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