Golf: Advantages & Disadvantages of Anchoring a Non-Swing System

Putting Rod

Putting Rod

Why Blame? Why Not Advance with Kudos?

What is anchoring a putter’s disadvantages and advantages?

Could it be that by taking sides, whether banning or not banning the anchoring system in Golf Rules, do we gain insights in the clamor, or see only what we defend, and no more? Is this a Republican and Democratic, USA political agenda? Where is center in the art form – golf? Could it be that one finds an entrance into other energy forms as an outcome when the journey is discovery, not blame?

If one looks at the anchoring mess as it is expressed, “It’s been nearly a week since the proposal was announced and here is what bothers me”, says Mark O’Meara. “At no point in their presentation did Davis or Dawson stand up and say that the USGA and R&A must take ownership of this mess, that they never should have let it get this far, that they owed apologies to players on both sides of the issue.”

A hypothetical may be asked, “Could it be that applause be given to the absense of long irons in a set of golf clubs through the presentation of the hybrid? What took so long? “Where have you been for 100 years, hybrid?” Two different issues within the art form golf, and what’s fair? However, Rules and tools of the game are different, both are essential to maximize a favorable pastime.

Could one ask, “Where is center?” Could it be, “…. there is no need to take ownership of this mess, that they (USGA and R&A) never should have let ‘it’ get this far….” But ‘they’ could be an inclusive ‘they’ is exactly the point! Sections of the game need to blend not aggravate each other’s positions: rules, education, playing, and teaching the art form – golf... Rules evolve because of the game. How far is - “…. never should have let ‘it’ get this far?” From a teachers point of view the anchor is a teaching aid. The arc, not the linear way is the teachings of the anchor. An anchor’s presence plus the changing of Rule 14-1B, banning the anchor in play will cause closer scrutiny of the value, like Prohibition Days.

Does it work? Stay close to its illegalness, but stay legal.

As savage as boxing – no hitting below the belt”- so the rules are expressed by the referee before the fight begins, or not crossing the foul line when bowling; simple rules for simple pastimes. Golf is much more diversified....’way to big’ as a colleague said, “….way to big for anyone or organization to up!”

Didn’t golf professional Gene Sarazen advance the art of golf by new design in the bounce of the sand wedge in the twenties? Now in the contemporary age of the hybrid, which has attracted all players because the design, however slow in coming is appreciated? So instead of blaming or leaning on a ‘time’ element for inclusion or exclusion, know that it is swing vs. mechanics - why not see the arc and the line in putting for what they are and improve the art form – golf?

So what if a few used a scaffold to reach the upper portions of their canvas? Some of us stayed on the ground know the arc and train to keep flow of the art form.

Our education from varied experiences in golf has graduated many artists. There have been tool changes. The creative mind sees angles of attack. Mark O’Meara said, “It (the anchor) becomes almost a teaching aid.” J.T.G.E. says, “It is a teaching aid, a very good teaching aid, but maintain the discipline without the attachment (the anchor)!” O’Meara said, “An official pretty much said, “Anchoring the putter had always bothered USGA types and purists, but because they hadn’t done anything about it for years it’s probably too late now.”

Could it be that attention being paid need be inclusive of the art form golf and the rules? If there is discrepancy showing equations are slower to untangle in three sections of golf, (the Rules, the swing, and the stroke) yet the slowness may be the very thing needed to advance the art form in another section - stand back and extend the creativity? In this case stay connected, not attached!

Museums hold public exhibits and art galleries do too. We know who did the art, and when and where also!

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Jose Cerda 3 years ago

Jose Cerda: This article will make one think beyond the problem of anchoring or not. It will help the game and the player. Both will expand. Hope it's digestible !!

Jack Thomsen profile image

Jack Thomsen 3 years ago from Pleasant Praire Wi. Author

I think you're correct Jose. Let's see what happens. Jack

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