Andy Roddick - My tribute to a great athlete

After watching the 2009 Wimbledon Final, i decided to do a hub, not on the champion Roger Federer, but on the runner up, Andy Roddick. What an athlete! He was definitely the better player in the final. In the second set, he couldnt capitalise on a 6-2 lead in the tie breaker and i will say that's what cost him the match. In the final set, both men were evenly matched till the end when Roger broke Andy's serve. Ironically, that was the first time in the match that Federer broke Roddick's serve.

In the post match ceremony, you could see that Roddick was really heart broken. After such an effort against the greatest tennis player, who wouldnt be? Even then he had the wits to tell Sampras, "Pete, Im sorry, but i couldn't stop him from breaking your record". Well, that shows his character. He is a true sportsman and thats why im his fan.Federer is an artist, flawless and out of the world. I feel Roddick is more human and i like him for that.

His full name is Andrew Stephen Roddick. He was born on 30-8-1982 in Omaha. He lives in Austin , Texas. He is 6ft 2in tall and is a right handed player. He is presently married to famous swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker.


Roddicks first achievement was becoming world's no.1 junior player in 2000. At age 19, he won a match against the all time great Pete Sampras in Miami. In the 2003 wimbledon, he lost to Roger Federer, the eventual champion. He also won the US open that year. He became the no.1 ranked player at the age of 21, the youngest American to do so, since 1973. He was later dethroned by Federer.

In 2004 and 2005, Roddick reached the Wimbledon final, but he couldnt get past Federer on both occassions.He was then coached by Jimmy Connors. Then came a dull period in his career. He then chose a new coach Larry Stefanki . It was a turning point. As a player, his improvement was tremendous.He constantly tasted success after that and it took him to the 2009 Wimbledon finals. Unfortunately , fate was against him and he lost to Federer again.

Roddick holds the record for the fastest serve in professional tennis at 155mph, which came in 2004. He started the Andy Roddick Foundation, a non-profit organisation , which seeks to provide help for children for their education and other needs. This really shows the character and humanitarian mind of the great athlete.

After the 2009 final, he said "I like to see my name on the board here, with greats like you" to Sampras. Its unfortunate he has not won a wimbledon yet. But keep on trying Roddick, we fans are always there to support you. So keep going...

For a full bio, checkout the wikepedia link.

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