Arguments Persist over Top 5 NFL Teams of all Time

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As difficult as it may be to select the top 5 all-time best teams in the NFL, fans and many so-called experts continue to try. Team loyalty and fanaticism, as evidenced by large fan gear sales, play a major role when fans name the best teams ever to grace the grid iron. Mostly, team loyalty masks reality and some selections are based more on emotion than facts, But then again, facts and statistics can be twisted making even the worst teams look better.

Consider the Miami Dolphins when they reigned supreme in 1972. Sure, Dan Marino was a solid quarterback and in 1972 the season only lasted 14 weeks, but even their appearance in movies couldn’t help their staying power as leaders in the NFL.

Similarly, the Pittsburgh Steelers won four Super Bowls in the 1970’s and they had a defense that had no holes in it called the Steel Curtain, but only one year really stands out as their best year during their best decade, 1979. With their defense, and a few offensive geniuses thrown in for good measure they are often compared to the 1985 Chicago Bears when talking about the best NFL teams in history.

Speaking of Chicago, “Da Bears” had a pretty good run in 1985. Quarterback Jim McMahon was their bad boy that year, but with the likes of Walter Payton and Mike Singletary, their offense racked up an impressive 456 points. Mike Ditka is considered one of the best coaches ever and cemented that reputation with a decisive 46-10 win over the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl that year.

The Patriots came to power in 2007 behind quarterback Tom Brady, but Tedy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel helped stifle the opposition. Brady’s chemistry with Randy Moss helped them to a league leading 315 points that year under the guidance of head coach Bill Belichick. Despite their huge offensive numbers, the New York Giants showed that Brady was not the Messiah than many New Englanders thought him to be when they beat the Pats in the Super Bowl. However, many still argue that the 2007 Patriots remain the best offensive team that ever played the game.

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hale12783 profile image

hale12783 4 years ago from New York

Good hub, but I can't believe their was no mention of my NINERS!!! Haha, I'm a little bias, but I think the Montana/Rice days were some great teams. I also think the old Redskin HOGS should probably be mentioned. Probably a couple of the teams from the 90's Cowboys too, as much as it kills me to say it! I liked the hub though.

hale12783 profile image

hale12783 4 years ago from New York

If you're interested, follow me on twitter: HaleSportsGuy

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks! Everyone definitely has their favorites :)

Non 3 years ago

Last night I went to the Celtics vs. Knicks game. During the time outs, they would play clips of the Seahawks beating the Jets milceressly, throwing around the snow and going crazy. And we laughed out heads off at New York. I'm not a football fan at ALL, but that was AWESOME to watch.When it comes to Boston vs. New York, ANYTHING goes.

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