Art Flick's New Streamside Guide Book Review

A Bible For Dry Fly Fishing

It was back in the 1970's on my second fishing trip to the Rangley Lakes region of Maine that I was introduced to fly-fishing. Getting my first fly rod was an experience. The art of fishing in this manor was quite different than the traditional spin casting that I was used too. But I loved it, learning about the line and tippet, everything had to be just right in order for the method to work. The problem was I couldn't match the hatch. What this means was that I couldn't / didn't have the ability to use the proper fly at the proper time. Oh sure I'd catch a few fish, but the time wasn't worth the effort.

Then I bought a copy of Art Flick's New Streamside Guide To Naturals And Their Imitations. This book changed my life, it took me from being a below average fly fisherman to becoming an above average one. What Art does in the book is a couple of things. First he makes us aware of what time of year to expect certain types of mayflies to be one the water. By nailing down these calender dates, it allows you to know what to expect to be hatching. What his streamside diaries also tell you is the approx time of day you’d could expect these hatches. This is great info !—It will allow you to get more sleep. Then Art has added wonderful photos, showing what his flies look like. As we all enjoy a good fish tale, you'll find many believable ones in this book. If your just starting out with fly-fishing or are a seasoned veterans, then I highly recommend you add this book Art Flicks New Streamside Guide to your personal library. You’ll treasure this book in your collection !

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