Asia Cup Cricket – India vs Sri Lanka – who will win?

Sri Lanka Batsmen Are In Good Nick

India May Win Tomorrow

Sachin Tendulkar may score his hundredth international century tomorrow  before a capacity crowd
Sachin Tendulkar may score his hundredth international century tomorrow before a capacity crowd | Source

Asia Cup Cricket – India vs Sri Lanka – who will win?

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Asia Cup Cricket – India vs Sri Lanka – who will win?

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India May Win Tomorrow

Sehwag Is Not a Politician

Tomorrow India takes on Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup Cricket tournament at Dacca. It reminds me India’s opening match at the last World Cup in Dacca against Bangladesh. Vireuder Sehwag, India’s opener produced one of the fantastic displays in the match with an innings of 170 plus runs. But sadly, Sehwag is not in the Indian team thanks to his unnecessary statements against captain Dhoni. Virender Sehwag should have realised that he was not a politician but only a cricket player. Even now it is not too late. If he publicly regrets for his statement against Dhoni, then he can get another chance to play for India. But if he keeps quiet because of ego, then he will miss earning opportunities during the prime of his career and will have to be content to playing IPL alone. For Adam Gilchrist, after retirement, it may suit well. But will it suit for Sehwag who is in the prime of his youth?

Sri Lanka Will Fear India

Sri Lanka will be playing in tomorrow’s match with fear. In the last match they played against India in Australia, Indians tore the Sri Lanka attack to pieces. Lasith Malinga, the Sri Lanka main bowler was butchered by Virat Kohli. Therefore Sri Lanka will be very nervous to play against India tomorrow. It will be a sight like a deer shivering on seeing a tiger.

It Will Be an Exciting Match to Watch

But India has two faces. Sri Lanka had seen only the attacking face. India can also cow down and lose the match by a wide margin. Lasith Malinga can strike havoc in the Indian camp. Which one of the two will happen tomorrow is anybody’s guess. But I generally expect the match to be exciting to watch. The excitement may last till the end. In other words, there is every likelihood of the match producing a thriller. Therefore I recommend office goers to take one day leave and watch the match in their television sets. Students can also do it provided they do not have examinations.

Sri Lanka Batsmen Are In Good Nick

Excepting Virat Kohli and Dhoni and to a certain extent Gautam Gambhir in patches, the Indian batsmen generally failed in Australia. This was because the Indians were not able to negotiate the bounce of the Australian tracks. But in the sub-continent, they will be on their own. In Dacca, the Indians can play with confidence. But it should be noted that the Sri Lanka batsmen are also in good form. Sri Lanka top batsmen like the captain Mahela Jayawardene, Dilshan, Sangakkara, Dinesh Chandimal, Tharanga and Thirumane played outstanding innings in Australia. They will be more at ease on the sub-continent pitches and conditions. In fact even the Sri Lanka tail-enders like Nuwan Kulasekara, Mathews and Prasad performed well with the bat in Australia. Therefore Sri Lanka will be a formidable side to beat.

India May Win Tomorrow

I rate the chances for the teams as equal. But my intuition tells me that India may win this match tomorrow. You can call it as intuition or a wish. If wishes were horses, everybody will flog at them. I also eagerly expect Sachin Tendulkar to notch up his hundredth international century at Dacca tomorrow before a capacity crowd.

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