Asia Cup India Vs Sri Lanka – India Wins a Thrilling Match

Virat Kohli and Pataudi Have Similar Styles

Virat Kohli and Pataudi Have Similar Styles

Virat Kohli and Pataudi Have Similar Styles
Virat Kohli and Pataudi Have Similar Styles | Source
Virat Kohli and Pataudi Have Similar Styles
Virat Kohli and Pataudi Have Similar Styles | Source

Asia Cup India Vs Sri Lanka – India Wins a Thrilling Match

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Asia Cup India Vs Sri Lanka – India Wins a Thrilling Match

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Virat Kohli and Pataudi Have Similar Styles

Can Australia Defeat India In India?

I watched today’s exciting match between India and Sri Lanka in my television set. It was a very exciting match. Lot of runs were scored by both the teams. In the end, India proved its supremacy in the sub continental pitches. India can forget its Australian tour as a bad dream. If the current Australian side visits India and plays a test series and one day matches, it is debatable whether Australia can retain its supremacy. The point was proved when England visited India last year and performed miserably after whitewashing India in its home series. Australia lost its quarter final match to India last year in the World Cup.

Kapil Dev Is Jealous Of Tendulkar

But then, winning on sub continental pitches and losing in other pitches is not the hallmark of a great side. Dhoni should do something about this. Perhaps the Indian cricket team can have vigorous training in Dharmasala, now known as the land of Dalai Lama, as it simulates foreign climate. Coming back to the match, it was a sad thing that Sachin Tendulkar has failed again. I pray that he should complete his hundredth international century in the next match and gracefully exit from the one day stuff. Already so many people are training their guns at Sachin to retire. Kapil Dev is almost daily calling for Tendulkar’s retirement. Why should Kapil Dev clamour for Tendulkar’s exit? This could be due to jealousy. Kapil Dev lost a sizeable amount in business when his business partner cheated him. Therefore his heart is burning with jealousy on seeing Tendulkar making so much wealth. I can only pity Kapil Dev.

Virat Kohli and Pataudi Have Similar Styles

Virat Kohli simply continued from where he left in Australia. His blade punishes almost every ball irrespective of who bowls at him. He is only 23 years old and has still a long way to go unless he opens his mouth like Sehwag and damages his cricketing career. He is a true asset to India. I could find lot of resemblance between his batting style and that of the great Nawab of Pataudi Junior. Pataudi also used to spring forward while lifting the ball over the fielder’s head. Kohli has the same style. Pataudi became the captain of India at a young age of 21 and did a great service to Indian cricket. I hope and wish that Kohli excels Pataudi in doing remarkable service to India. I look forward to Kohli punishing the Pakistani bowlers and scoring another century on Saturday. I was an ardent fan of Pataudi and I have noW become the fan of Virat Kohli. Who can forget Kohli’s unbeaten century against Sri Lanka in Australia which earned India the bonus points? That innings was played in a similar style as Pataudi played an innings of 148 at Headingly, Leeds in 1967.

Yusuf Pathan Should Be Included In the Team

Gambir completed a ton. The problem with Gambir is that his mother had not taught him to walk properly when he was a child. That is why he either gets himself run out or gets his partner run out. But luckily for India, today neither happened. Gambir’s batting is a treat to watch particularly because he does not create tension like Sehwag. Therefore even those elderly people with heart problems can safely watch Gautam Gambhir’s batting. Dhoni and Raina punished Sri Lanka bowlers at the end to post a total of 304 for India. I don’t know why Yusuf Pathan was not included in the Indian side because he could have hit some lovely and exciting shots (those who have heart problems better not watch him) and pushed India’s total past 350.

Gavaskar Is Always Trying To Play Politics in the Indian Team

Sri Lanka started badly with Dilshan getting out cheaply. However Mahela Jayawardene and Sangakkara joined in a long partnership. These two players are very dangerous to the opponents if they put up a good partnership. At this stage, it looked like Sri Lanka winning the match. But luck favoured India when Jayawardene was out for 78. Sangakkara carried on for some time before he holed out a catch in the outfield to Jadeja off Ashwin. Thirumanne followed immediately for 29. Kulasekara made it look as though he was batting in Australia but soon realised that he cannot go very far in the sub continental pitch. In the end, India won the match by 50 runs. Both the teams entertained the spectators and TV viewers. Sunil Gavaskar, while commenting in the TV channel, unnecessarily raked up the rotation policy. It was Gavaskar who created a misunderstanding between Dhoni and Sehwag (see my link). Now he is out to play his politics again. Perhaps Gautam Gambhir could be Gavaskar’s next target. Gambhir should be careful and should not fall into the trap.

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Comments 2 comments

SpiffyD profile image

SpiffyD 4 years ago from The Caribbean

Nice hub. At least you didn't have a title like "India thrash Sri Lanka." You showed that you are a discerning cricket fan by acknowledging that Sri Lanka were right in the game until that fateful 36th over of their innings.

I disagree with the statement that Kapil Dev is somehow jealous of Tendulkar by calling for his retirement. Tendulkar seemed preoccupied with all the nonsense about getting 100 international centuries. That is the most artificial milestone there is. Since when do we combine ODI and Test centuries and consider that a great thing. I know that it has been done before. However, not much is made of the fact that Shane Warne and Muttiah Muralitharan took over 1000 international wickets.

Tendulkar's position is a tricky one. He should stay as long as he is producing runs, but he shouldn't stay so long that he goes into decline. By his own high standards, Tendulkar is in decline. Compared to lesser cricketers, he is still producing though. However, he should ensure that he leaves cricket as a champion. When Steve Waugh, Brian Lara, Shane Warne and Muttiah Muralitharan retired, they were still making hefty contributions. They left on a high. Tendulkar should do the same.

Maybe Kapil Dev is jealous of Tendulkar, but perhaps he isn't. It's too easy to say "Oh, he's jealous" without analysing the merits of his position. However, as one of India's premier Test bowlers, Kapil should be more concerned with India's bowling. Sanjay Manjrekar pointed out that India shouldn't be as concerned with finding a replacement for Dravid as they should be concerned with finding at least three good Test bowlers in all conditions. I agree.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear SpiffyD,

I thank you for your valuable comments. I agree with your perfect analysis. One thing that troubles my mind is that people like Kapil Dev and Imran Khan say that Tendulkar should have retired after last year's World Cup win. But did they follow their own advices? Kapil never called it a day when he won the world cup in 1983. Imran never did so after his 1992 win. Then why should Tendulkar so it? I believe that unlike Dravid, Tendulkar is not a finished player yet. He is undergoing a lean patch like Gundappa Viswanath underwent in his career. I believe that Sachin will come back and start scoring runs for India.

Best wishes to you,

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