Asia Cup Pakistan Vs Bangladesh ODI Cricket Match

Asia Cup Cricket

Failing To Check Umur Gul Cost Bangladesh the Match

Failing To Check Umur Gul Cost Bangladesh the Match
Failing To Check Umur Gul Cost Bangladesh the Match | Source

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Asia Cup Pakistan Vs Bangladesh ODI Cricket Match

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Asia Cup Pakistan Vs Bangladesh ODI Cricket Match

Bangladesh Narrowly Misses Winning Chance

Failing To Check Umur Gul Cost Bangladesh the Match

Today’s match between Pakistan and Bangladesh was exciting. This was the opening match of the Asia Cup. Bangladesh should have won this match easily and comfortably. Having allowed Pakistani opening batsmen Mohammed Hafeez and Nasir Jamshed to dominate to produce an opening partnership of 135, Bangladesh really did well to restrict Pakistan to 262 in the fifty overs. Had Bangladesh not allowed the Pakistani tail-ender Umar Gul to exhibit some fireworks to score 39 runs off 25 balls with five fours and a six, Bangladesh could have coasted to victory comfortably.

Bangladesh Batsmen Had Matured

However, Bangladesh batsmen did not produce a vital partnership which could have pushed them to victory. The first wicket and second wicket partnerships produced 45 runs each. Tamin Iqbal played with maturity. There was a distinct difference between the Bangladesh batting in the last World Cup and now. Probably the Bangladeshi Premier League (BPL) organised this year in line with IPL had made batsmen to score runs in a professional manner. The former Bangladeshi captain Shakib Al Hassan and Nasir Hussain played well. But these batsmen and others threw their wickets away in a needless fashion. Jahurul Islam and Mushfiqur Rahim got themselves clean bowled by Shahid Afridi. The strokes they attempted were unnecessary at a time when Bangladesh was trying to steady itself to go for the target to win.

Pakistan Players Were Nervous To Play Before Bangladeshi Crowd

In the end, Bangladesh lost the match narrowly by just 21 runs. But it was a good display from them. Pakistani players played quietly without making any uproar at the fall of Bangladeshi wickets. I watched the last series between Pakistan and England played at Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In that series, Pakistan players freely mixed with England players and showed a happy face whether they lost or won. But this was totally absent during this match. Pakistan is nervous in playing before the Bangladesh crowd. Forty years back Pakistani soldiers massacred Bangladesh people including children and women. Bangladesh’s ordeal ended only after the Indian army entered Dacca and liberated Bangladesh as a free country.

Pakistan Fans Would Have Faced a Murderous Assault in Bangladesh

Of course the present Pakistani players would not have been born at that time and might have only known one sided version of the events from the Pakistan history text books. Even then the nervousness of the Pakistan players was evident. In fact Pakistan players were much relaxed while playing on Indian soil during the semi finals match at Mohali against India in the last year’s World Cup. In the stadium also, I could not see any Pakistani fan waving Pakistani flag. Probably Pakistani fans are also afraid to travel to Bangladesh. There is a possibility of a murderous assault by the angry Bangladeshi mob against the Pakistan spectators cheering their team.

If Wishes Were Horses, Everybody Will Flog At Them

I wanted and wished for a Bangladesh win in today’s match because Pakistan is India’s arch enemy whereas Bangladesh is India’s friend. I was disappointed greatly. If wishes were horses, everybody will flog at them.

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Comments 12 comments

TwilightDream profile image

TwilightDream 4 years ago from Chennai, India

You have very rightly pointed out some facts about Bangladesh team indeed. They've improved a lot. I was also wishing them to win this match since they've been facing Pakistan boldly in all the ways in today's match. If the batting order at the end (7th and 8th)helped them scoring little higher runs, Bangladesh would have won the first match of Asia Cup. Better luck next time.

Thanks for sharing this hub. Keep writing, as usual.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear TwilightDream,

I thank you for your valuable comments. I fully agree with your views.

Best wishes to you,

SpiffyD profile image

SpiffyD 4 years ago from The Caribbean

Bangladesh had Pakistan in check for much of their innings. At 198/7, Bangladesh may have faced a far easier total without Gul's contribution with the bat. However, such performances are part of cricket, so I hate to say that were it not for Umar Gul, Bangladesh would have won. If Pakistan made 202 all out, Bangladesh may have choked and tumbled out for 150. Just as champion teams find ways to win from difficult positions, teams like Bangladesh and West Indies allow the opposition to recover.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear SpiffyD,

I thank you for your valuable comments. You are absolutely correct.

Best wishes to you,

rizwan 4 years ago

best of luck pakistan

sharad 4 years ago

pakistan winner

taw2012 profile image

taw2012 4 years ago from India

Bangladesh is showing a good games these days. So i guess they would win the match.

hamza 4 years ago

god ples you pakistan

imranul haq 4 years ago

Bangladesh is playing good they should & should win

Golam Rabbani from India 4 years ago

Congratulation Pakistan for won the Today Asia cup. Well But today Pakistan's performance is not so good, I am sure that Next IPL series will win India, it's my Challenge to all Country.

priya 4 years ago

very bad presentation...

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

In what way?

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