Australia India First One Day Cricket Match at Melbourne

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Australia India First One Day Cricket Match at Melbourne

Australia India First One Day Cricket Match at Melbourne
Australia India First One Day Cricket Match at Melbourne

Australia India First One Day Cricket Match at Melbourne

India Beaten Comprehensively

The first one day match against India at Melbourne happened to be a damp squib for India. It was comprehensively beaten by the Aussie power. After posting a good score of 217 for 6 in a rain affected innings, Australia bowled out India for 151. None of the Indian batsmen scored even a half century. Virat Kohli with 31 was the top scorer for India. For the Aussies, Mathew Wade and David Hussey both completed their half centuries. The Australian team played well and found it easy to tackle the Indian challenge.

How Long Can You Persist With A Non-Performer?

One wondered why Lee was not included in the Australian squad. Lee would have further troubled Indians. There was another controversial decision taken by Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni in dropping the Indian star opener Virender Sehwag from the squad. Sehwag’s presence would have made a difference to the match. Sehwag is such a player that if he shines, he will tear the opposite bowling attack to pieces. But one cannot guarantee when Sehwag will shine. He is not in the peak of his form in the current Australian tour. Dhoni cannot be faulted for dropping the out-of-the-form Sehwag from the team. How long can you persist with a non-performer? Is it not an injustice to other youngsters like Suresh Raina and Rohit Sharma waiting in the wings to prove their talent?

Indiscipline Needs Punishment

But Sehwag’s controversial statement criticising Dhoni’s captaincy could also have played a role in Dhoni’s decision. Dhoni is also a human being and he might not have liked Sehwag’s statement. What would have made Dhoni angry was that Sehwag did not choose to air his differences in the dressing room or with higher cricket officials. Instead, he called the media and talked poorly about Dhoni. This was nothing but indiscipline which warrants a punishment. If Sehwag is not punished for this gross indiscipline, then other players will also get encouraged to air their critical views about the captain to the press. You cannot punish one player and grant immunity to the other. That will be partiality to the core. Had Dhoni dropped Sehwag for this indiscipline, he deserves appreciation.

A Tough Decision Needs Time To Take

But at the same time it also raises another question. Why did Dhoni not drop Sehwag for the second T-20 match at Melbourne? Before this match Sehwag aired his views to the media. For this he should have been punished immediately. Why was a delay? But probably Dhoni did not want to react immediately on the spur of the moment. Decisions taken that way always backfire. For taking a tough decision, one need to study the matter deeply, taking sufficient time. Dhoni would just have done that. He might also have consulted the higher-ups in BCCI.

Sehwag Should Come Back To the Side

Though I support Dhoni’s decision to drop Sehwag, it hurts my mind personally because I am a fan of Sehwag. Who can play a swashbuckling innings like Sehwag in the present Indian squad? I hope things will be sorted out in proper perspective to the satisfaction of all and Sehwag included in the team sooner then later.

Nobody Can Question Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar’s poor form continues. A stage may come soon if Tendulkar’s poor form does not disappear when people will question whether the time has come for the Master to retire. Of course, millions of Tendulkar’s fans will not like their star to retire without completing his hundredth international century. Nobody has the guts to openly ask this question about Tendulkar’s retirement. Cricket is a religion in India and Tendulkar is a God. What is Diego Maradona for the Argentinians, Tendulkar is the same for the Indians.

India Can Still Bounce Back

After India’s win in the second T-20 match, I thought confidence had returned to the World Champions. The same India defeated Australia in a crucial quarter final match in the last World Cup when Lee and Johnson were part of the Australian team. But the present Indian team is struggling to defeat the Aussies even without these top players. Another reason for India’s defeat is that the outfield had slowed down considerably after the ground was soaked with rain water. But I have not lost all my hopes. I still believe that it is possible for India to bounce back into the triangular series.

Australia India First One Day Cricket Match at Melbourne

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Australia India First One Day Cricket Match at Melbourne

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Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 4 years ago from India

The life of the page - visitors - is just the opening session of second test...

blakequintero 4 years ago

It is good that youngsters like Kohli and Rohith Sharma are looking good. More than Sachin tendulkar i am more worried about the form of people like Sehwag and Dhoni. Dhoni is doing the job of occupying the crease without scoring runs at a quick pace in one dayers. He should have done that in tests.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear blakequintero,

I thank you for your comments. I fully agree with your observations.

Best wishes to you,

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