Australia massacres Indian bowling on the second day

Australia massacres Indian bowling on the second day

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Australia massacres Indian bowling on the second day

Australia massacres Indian bowling on the second day
Australia massacres Indian bowling on the second day | Source

Australia massacres Indian bowling on the second day

Clarke’s double century comes handy for the Aussies

Nothing worked for India on the second day of the Sydney Test. The fielders ran all over the field, the bowlers toiled hard. As a reward, India could get only one wicket – that of Ricky Ponting and that too after he completed his century. Captain Clarke completed his double century. Hearty congratulations to Clarke for playing a Captain’s knock. Mike Hussey gave him company with an unbeaten half century.

Zaheer’s recovery is not complete?

Zaheer’s supposed recovery is only on paper. It is very difficult for a fast bowler to completely recover from an injury after he has crossed the age of thirty. Zaheer’s case proves the point beyond doubt. Ishant Sharma may be effective in IPL matches playing for Deccan Chargers. But in a test match charged with seriousness, he does not even appear to strike for India. Umesh Yadav could not produce any results though he was not used for quite a long time between lunch and tea. Ashwin was massacred literally. It seems the selectors have placed overconfidence in Ashwin’s ability to produce wickets. Ahswin succeeded against the second rate West Indies team on the home track which was tailored for spin. One gets a feeling that the experienced Harbhajan Singh could have made a difference on this Australian track.

Nightmare stares India tomorrow

What is in store for India tomorrow is a nightmare. Assuming Australia declares just before lunch after reaching 600 runs and with a lead of 410, there are two possibilities. If Indian batsmen put their heads down and play responsibly by hitting only the occasional bad balls and keeping all their shots in the ground, then a glorious fight back is on the cards. I remember a similar test between Nawab of Pataudi’s India and England at Headingly, Leeds in 1967 summer. India was bowled out for a low score (if I remember correct, less than 200). England replied with a high score with Geoff Boycott scoring a double century. Actually Boycott was dropped for the next test for his slow scoring.

Nawab of Pataudi gave a head start for India’s fight back

India was expected to be bowled out cheaply in that test on the third day itself. But India batted the third day, continued on the fourth day and at the end of the fourth day was still batting. India continued on the fifth day and just before tea, if my memory is correct, was all out. India’s total crossed 500 mark with Nawab of Pataudi leading the attack. He scored a glorious 148. England at one stage looked in trouble and they won finally after having anxious moments. British dailies headlined the news as ‘England steals victory, India steals the hearts’.

Why not the present players fight back?

I have quoted the above match just to prove that all is not lost again for India. If only India can repeat that performance they did in Headingly here on Sydney Cricket Ground, it will lift the morale for India. India has the batsmen in Sehwag, Gambhir, Dhoni, Tendulkar, Kohli, Laxman and the experienced Dravid. If Nawab of Pataudi could do it with a single eye, why not these batsmen who have both their eyes wide open do it? If Nawab of Pataudi who received five hundred rupees as test match fees in 1967 could do it, why not the present bunch of cricketers who earn crores and crores of rupees do it? If there is a will, there is a way.

Outside chance for India

Whether India wins or loses cannot be predicted. Probability theory may favour an overwhelming Aussie win. But there is a remote chance that India could put up a credible fight and win the hearts of its fans both at home and abroad. But that is only an outside chance.

Australia - India Sydney Test 2nd day

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Tboy04 4 years ago from Australia

Sorry Ramkimeena, I don't think India will win. Perhaps an outside chance of a draw at best, especially if it rains at some point. Clarke has hit his triple century and looks like declaring well over 500 in front. Stats would indicate that out of the powerful Indian batting line up only VVS has a good record in a second innings and he is out of form so far this tour (which is a shame cos he has a great record in Australia.)In saying that Sachin has an excellent record at the SCG and hopefully he gets his 100th century here or at least the next test. I have actually drafted a blog about his 241 not out from 2004, one of the greatest innings I have watched.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Nice comments. Thank you. I agree with you fully.

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