Australia Versus India One Day Match At Brisbane – Who Will Win The Match?

Sachin is not afraid of anybody

Gambhir's absence will favour Australia

Gautam Gambhir  holds the Indian record for highest runs in Brisbane ground
Gautam Gambhir holds the Indian record for highest runs in Brisbane ground | Source

Australia versus India One Day Match at Brisbane – Who Will Win the Match?

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Australia versus India One Day Match at Brisbane – Who Will Win the Match?

Gautam Gambhir will be missed in tomorrow's match

Aussies Were Thrashed By Dilshan and Sangakkara

After Australia got battered by Sri Lanka at Sydney yesterday, they will have to gear themselves to face the challenge from India. How fast the fortunes of Aussies have turned a neat 180° in this triangular tournament! Till the test series against India, the Aussies were the kings of the cricket world. Even after the triangular one day series started, nobody was questioning the supremacy of the Aussies. But after getting defeated by India and Sri Lanka and after a near loss to Sri Lanka, nobody is giving any serious merit card for the Aussies in tomorrow’s match at Brisbane Cricket Ground. Dilshan and Sangakkara treated the Australian bowlers including Bret Lee with kid gloves and massacred them.

Gautam Gambhir Holds the Record for India but His Will Not Play

The highest number of runs scored in any one day match played at Brisbane by an individual stands at 158 by the mercurial English batsman David Gower. For India, Gautam Gambhir holds the record with an innings of 102 not out. The highest team score on this ground was 324 for 7 by Australia against West Indies on 14th February 2010. In that innings, Ricky Ponting scored a century (106). C L white scored 63. West Indies replied with 274 with K A Pollard scoring 62, D R Smith 59 not out and N Deonarine 53. Australia won the match by 50 runs.

Lakshmipathi Balaji Struck Vital Blows

The next highest total on this ground was achieved by India which scored 303 for 4 against Australia on 18th January 2004. VVS Laxman scored an unbeaten 103, Tendulkar scored 86 and Dravid hit 74. Australia were all out for 284 in 49.4 overs with Hayden scoring a century (109). For India, Lakshmipathi Balaji struck vital blows by claiming 4 wickets for 48 runs. India won the match by 19 runs.

Sachin should take the pressure off him

Sachin's pressure  will be off once he scores that elusive century
Sachin's pressure will be off once he scores that elusive century | Source

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Australia versus India One Day Match at Brisbane – Who Will Win the Match?

India Are The Favourites To Win

For tomorrow’s match, India for the first time enters as a favourite to win and Australia are the underdogs. India is expected to rest Gautam Gambhir, who is in very good form. This will be a plus point for Australia. When a team is resting its main run-scorer for accommodating a person who is not in good form, the opponents will naturally jump into joy. If Rohit Sharma continues with his failure and so also Sehwag and Tendulkar, then the entire burden will again fall on Dhoni. Theory of probability says that Dhoni may not be able to perform the rescue act each and every time and so India may lose the match.

India’s Loss Will Open Up Criticism Against The Rotation Policy

If India loses the match, opposition against the rotation policy will mount. Already the Bombay posse headed by Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shasthri have severely criticised Dhoni’s rotation policy and have questioned the wisdom of the decision. I feel that Dhoni’s policy is correct to give chance to the youngsters like Rohit Sharma, Suresh Raina and Jadeja. But a continuous failure on the part of Rohit Sharma and other younger players may invalidate my support for the rotation policy. Therefore tomorrow’s match is going to be a vital match for India as far as the opportunity provided to the youngsters goes.

Sachin Should Wriggle Out Of The Situation Tactfully

Sachin will also be put to great pressure in tomorrow’s match. If that elusive century comes tomorrow, I am sure that the pressure will be off Sachin and he will start hitting the Australian and Sri Lankan bowlers at will and bat like what he did when he was sixteen years old in 1989 against Pakistan. Now Sachin is under great mental pressure as millions of his fans are expecting his century in each and every match he plays and he feels guilty in disappointing his fans continuously for nearly a year now. His last century came against South Africa in last year’s World Cup. That was long back. Clock is ticking. Time and tide wait for none. If Sachin cannot perform in one or two matches, serious questions will be raised as to whether the Indian team should continue with a non-performer. Past glory can to an extent shelter a player. Sachin is almost like a God to his fans and dropping him from the team because of non-performance is simply unthinkable at least at this stage. But boundaries are shrinking and Sachin is fast approaching the situation in which reality may overpower emotion and ideology. Sachin is a wise man and I am sure that he will do something to wriggle out of this situation tactfully.

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