Australia Vs West Indies 4th ODI Cricket

Pollard Made Aussie Bowlers Look like Club Cricketers

Pollard Made Aussie Bowlers Look like Club Cricketers

Pollard Made Aussie Bowlers Look like Club Cricketers
Pollard Made Aussie Bowlers Look like Club Cricketers | Source

West Indies Beats Australia Comprehensively As Pollard Excels With a Century

Pollard Made Aussie Bowlers Look like Club Cricketers

West Indies overpowered Australia in the fourth ODI match played at Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia today. West Indies scored 294 for 7 in its allotted 50 overs. Kieron Pollard, the talented all rounder blasted the Australian bowling. He hit fours and sixes at will. The Aussie fielders did not know where to stand and the Aussie bowlers did not know where to pitch the ball. Pollard cut, drove, hooked and pulled the Australian bowlers with gay abandon and effect. He batted most casually and made to look as though the Australian bowers are a bunch of players from club cricket. Pollard scored 102 off 70 balls with five fours and eight sixes. He could have been caught by Forrest early in his innings. Later on Forrest’s catch was disallowed and declared a six as he trampled on the rope. In any case Forrest had thrown the ball into the field once he realised that he had stepped the rope. Pollard completed his century through a huge six. This was Pollard’s second century in ODI in 55 attempts.

No Other West Indies Batsman Scored Even a Half Century

You can understand the value of Pollard’s innings if you look at the West Indies scorecard. No other batsman had even scored a half century. The next highest score was by Barath who made 41 runs off 31 balls with nine fours. Australian bowler Lee was selected for some rough treatment by Barath and Pollard. Lee gave away 72 runs in his allotted 50 overs.

Failing To Contain Russell and Sammy Cost Australia the Match

In the final stages, Russell contributed an important 34 runs off 32 balls with four fours. West Indies captain Darren Sammy scored 31 runs off a mere 13 balls with the help of three fours and two sixes. Had the Australian bowlers prevented Russell and Sammy from scoring runs at will, they could have well won the match inspite of Pollard’s century. If you cannot contain the main batsman who is in form, at least contain the others. Australia failed to do this and paid the price. It was the same story in the Bangladesh vs Pakistan final in the Asia Cup played a few days back. Bangladesh conceded 19 runs off the last over which cost them the match.

Failing To Contain Russell and Sammy Cost Australia the Match

Failing To Contain Russell and Sammy Cost Australia the Match
Failing To Contain Russell and Sammy Cost Australia the Match | Source

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Australia Vs West Indies 4th ODI Cricket

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Australia Vs West Indies 4th ODI Cricket

Australia Vs West Indies 4th ODI Cricket

Flourishing Partnerships Were Dissolved

Australia tried to repair the damage by batting sensibly. Several useful partnerships started springing but each was broken at a time when it threatened to take the Aussies to victory. Watson and Forrest put in a half century partnership when Warner departed early. Warner’s wicket was a priceless wicket for West Indies. Had Warner been allowed to settle down, he would have decimated the West Indies bowlers. There was a 49 runs stand between Bailey and Mike Hussey. There was a 67 runs stand for the sixth wicket between Wade and David Hussey. Even after David Hussey was out for 57 off 54 balls with seven fours, the tail-ender Bret Lee carried on and scored 59 runs off 48 balls with five fours and five sixes. Had any one of the earlier partnership flourished for another twenty to thirty runs more, Lee would have finished the match with his huge hits.

It Is a Delight to Watch Australian Players Getting Hurt

Roach conceded the maximum runs of 74. Sunil Narine was very economical. He conceded only 21 runs from his 10 overs and took a wicket also. Sammy was very economical in the first spell but later on conceded runs. Pollard was declared the man-of-the-match. Earlier West Indies had failed to win any of the 14 ODI matches against Australia. Now in this series, they are leading with 2-1. Lee was injured in his arm by a ball from Roach. Lee reacted in the next over with a vengeance to score 24 runs off Roach. But finally Roach had his last laugh by consuming Lee. Whenever Australian players get injured or hit, I feel very happy. Australian cricketers have degraded the gentleman’s game of cricket to a low level with their animal instincts. Remember Jeff Thomson and Denis Lillee targeting the Sri Lanka batsmen in the inaugural World Cup in 1975. Jeff Thomson and Denis Lillee have openly given statement that they would break the skulls of the batsmen. They were supported by the Australia captains Ian Chappell and Greg Chappell. Even last year during the World Cup cricket, Mitchell Johnson openly stated that he would target at Virender Sehwag’s ribcage. It was not Sehwag who was injured in that match but Bret Lee who went to the pavilion bleeding to the huge cheers of the Indian crowd.

Lloyd Never Talked About Breaking Ribcages and Skulls

Former West Indies captain Lloyd had four fearsome fast bowlers namely Andy Roberts, Michael Holding, Joel Garner and Colin Croft. But he never talked about injuring the opponents. That was a credit to Lloyd. Always his bowlers targeted at the stumps and not at the batsmen’s skull or ribcage. They did not bowl bouncers generally at the tail-enders. Now the Aussies are fuming whenever they are hit because they do not have a quality fast bowler in their team. If they have one or two quality fast bowlers, they will again talk about breaking ribcages and skulls. The absence of quality bowlers in Australia is revealed in the fact that West Indies scored 23 funs off the final over from Lee in this match thanks to Darren Sammy.

Best Wishes to the West Indies Team

West Indies gave 183 dot balls in its innings and Australia 175. West Indies hit 28 fours and 11 sixes. Australia hit 24 fours and 8 sixes. West Indies failed to utilise power play 2 and Australia complemented it by failing to utilise power play 3. In the last ten overs, West Indies scored 117 runs for the loss of only two wickets. This effort clinched the match in their favour. I am very happy at this West Indies victory. Congratulations to them and I wish that they should wrap up this ODI series by winning the final match also.

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