Australia versus India One Day Match at Brisbane

Australia versus India One Day Match at Brisbane

Bret Lee and Hilfenhaus decimated India

A brilliant bowling performance from Ben Hilfenhaus and Brett Lee led to the  Aussie victory
A brilliant bowling performance from Ben Hilfenhaus and Brett Lee led to the Aussie victory | Source

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Tendulkar's poor performance continues

Aussies Turn the Wheel of Fortunes in Their Favour

Australia neatly turned the wheel once again to overpower India in the one day match played at the Brisbane Cricket Ground today. From a position of underdogs, the Aussies fought bravely and never gave any chance to India. Mike Hussey and Forrest hit half centuries followed by Warner and Wade hitting runs in the forties. It was a team effort that gave Australia a commanding total of 288 and set India a tough target of 289 to win.

Doherty’s Dropped Catch Did Not Cost Anything

India never attempted to chase the total. It collapsed like a pack of cards. ‘He rose like a blue star, but fell like nine pins’ seems to be applicable to India today. Indian fans were relieved that the rotation policy had not taken the toll of Gautam Gambhir, the in-form player. Gautam Gambhir was the hero of the Indian success in the last two matches when he scored runs in the nineties. But today he was dismissed for a cheap score. Sachin Tendulkar was dropped by Doherty when he was on 3 but he did not capitalise on it and holed out to the same Doherty at third man, attempting a big hit in the air.

You Can Play a Shot Like That In IPL, But Not In One Day Match

What is plaguing Sachin in this series is not clear. Why should Sachin attempt such a risky shot and that too in the air, when he knew fully well that a fielder was standing in the outfield to take that catch? Sachin seemed to have been in two minds while hitting that ball. First he thought of leaving that ball to the wicket keeper, but on late realisation, decided to play a half-hearted stroke in the air. I have seen such risky shots too many times from too many players in the IPL brand of cricket, but to play such suicidal shots in any other type of cricket and that too against Australian bowlers is simply unthinkable. Sachin had hit ground strokes in many matches and progressed to make half centuries and centuries. One need not teach the basics of batting to a Master like Sachin. That will be like teaching English grammar to an English Professor. But today, after seeing Sachin get out in that fashion, I felt that he should visit the cricket school and learn the basics of batting.

Sachin’s Dropping from the Team Is Unthinkable

Can one demand that Sachin be removed from the team for non-performance? I dread to even think about it for I am an ardent fan of Sachin. Nobody has done so much to Indian cricket including the other Master Sunil Gavaskar. Cricket is a religion and Sachin is a God for many Indians. Even to think that Sachin should be dropped for non-performance is a sin for many Indian fans. But at the same time the selectors cannot play the role of fans while doing their job. They have to work professionally. They can include a player in the squad only on merits. The selectors cannot sing the past glory of a player and keep on selecting him.

Sachin's non performance should end

Sachin should not have played that risky shot
Sachin should not have played that risky shot | Source

It Was India’s Turn to Get Massacred

Sachin Had Sufficient Rest before the Start of the Tour

One cannot say that Sachin has developed fatigue because of continuous play without rest. In fact Sachin has taken sufficient rest before the Australian tour and is fresh with energy. Therefore it is only the mental blog that Sachin needs to remove and start afresh. I hope the next match against Sri Lanka will see a good performance from Sachin if not a century.

Dhoni Is Not Gundappa Viswanath

Virat Kohli has been in good nick but this time he let the side down. Dhoni and Suresh Raina tried to rescue the side through a partnership but it was short lived. After Dhoni completed his half century, he holed out a catch and India collapsed. It is too much to expect Dhoni to rescue his side each and every time. Four decades back, Gundappa Viswanath used to rescue the Indian innings every time it needed. Dhoni is not Gundappa Viswanath and he has his limitations.

Can Doherty Replace Shane Warne?

For Australia, Bret Lee and Hilfenhaus handled the bowling department extremely well. But what impressed me apart from this was the economical bowling of Doherty. It is still early to announce that a quality spinner has arrived at last for Australia after the departure of Shane Warne. But I am sure that Doherty has the quality to mature into an excellent spinner who can contain the batsmen much more than taking wickets. He will be on the same mould as India’s Srinivas Venkatraghavan, who graduated to become an international umpire after his playing days were over. There were a couple of catches and mis-fielding on the part of the Aussies, but these did not cost them dearly. Australia can now look forward to play the same type of confident innings and bowl out Sri Lanka in the next match. For India, it will be a difficult match against the confident Sri Lanka.

Rohit Sharma’s Poor Form Continues

Before I end the article, I should sadly mention about the recurring poor performances of the young but talented Rohit Sharma. Now a situation has come in which even people like me who originally supported Dhoni’s rotation policy have developed doubts over it. Rohit Sharma is fully responsible for such negative thinking arising in the minds of even positive analysts like me.

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