Australia Vs India One Day Match at Sydney

Australia vs South Africa World Record Match

Gambhir Should Learn To Walk and Run Properly

Gautam Gambhir is poor in running between the wickets
Gautam Gambhir is poor in running between the wickets

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Gambhir Should Learn To Walk and Run Properly

Meek Surrender of Wickets by Indian Batsmen

Australia literally crushed India at Sydney. I thought that the Indian bowlers had done a good job after restricting Australia to 252. To score 253 for victory was quite achievable considering the depth of the Indian batting. But one after the other caved in. There was no doubt that Australian bowling was very good. But that did not warrant surrendering of the wickets by Indian batsmen tamely and meekly without putting up a fight.

Gambhir Should Learn To Walk and Run Properly

My friends asked me while watching the match in TV how much Sehwag would score. I replied ‘a minimum of zero and a maximum of 5’. My prediction came quite correct. But I did not receive any appreciation from my friends because this prediction could be made even by a schoolboy who has only half knowledge of cricket. Sachin Tendulkar was run out. He gestured as though Lee was obstructing his way to reach the crease. But to my eyes, Lee’s action did not appear as obstructive. Lee had only run towards the other end with enthusiasm to gather the ball and make the batsman run out. Sachin should have chosen the opposite path to make that run. In any case, it was a risky single and Sachin deserved this punishment. Attempting a single when you are playing with Gambhir is always risky. Either Gambhir runs himself out or runs his partner. He is so poor in running between the wickets. Probably Gambhir’s mother would not have taught him properly how to walk and run when he was a child. You can’t blame Gambhir for the run-outs; instead you have to blame his mother.

Chennai Super Kings Owner Paid Excess for Acquiring Jadeja?

Gambhir and Kohli looked like they would associate themselves in a fruitful partnership. But both of them departed soon. Dhoni played an unusual defensive game. He never stepped out of his crease. Jadeja has never done any big things in this tour. The Chennai Super Kings owner should be having doubts as to whether he had paid a hefty price of Rs.10 crore to acquire Jadeja for his side. But he need not worry about his decision because all these players who are failure in the Australian tour will succeed in the domestic IPL tournament. On the other hand the successful Australian bowlers like Lee, Hilfenhaus and others will be torn by the very same Indian batsmen to pieces. That is because IPL will be played on easy Indian batting pitches.

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Australia Vs India One Day Match at Sydney

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Australia Vs India One Day Match at Sydney

Sachin Can Score A Century against Bangladesh in the Asian Cup

Sachin Can Score A Century against Bangladesh in the Asian Cup
Sachin Can Score A Century against Bangladesh in the Asian Cup | Source

Australia Crushes India

Superb Catch by Raina to Dismiss Warner

Suresh Raina failed with the bat but he brought off a splendid catch to dismiss Warner, in the process colliding with Irfan Pathan. The Indian tail wagged with Ashwin and Pathan playing some bold strokes, but in the end Australia coasted the shore quite comfortably. In the morning, Australia appeared to cross 300 runs with Warner going great guns. After Warner’s dismissal, David Hussey continued in the same vein. The Indian bowlers did quite well in restricting Australia to 252. Virender Sehwag, surprisingly, was the top wicket taker.

Partiality by Umpire

While the Australian innings was on, David Hussey tried to stop a ball with his hand and Indian captain Dhoni appealed for obstruction of the ball. The umpires consulted the third umpire, discussed among them and then talked to Dhoni and Hussey. Finally they ruled it as not out. But in the TV it was very clear that Hussey had obstructed the ball with his hands. Had he not done so, the ball would have reached the wicket keeper Dhoni who might have whipped off the bails to run out Hussey. When the rules of cricket are very clear, it was a mystery as to why the umpire did not give Hussey out. It was either partiality on the part of the umpire or a poor decision.

Sachin Can Score A Century against Bangladesh in the Asian Cup

Now that India has lost this match, it is practically out of this triangular series tournament. Theoretically it may still stand a chance, but then such rare possibilities seldom happen. What is the lesson India has to learn from this Australian tour where it has performed its worst? The foremost lesson is that team unity should be preserved at any cost. Second, the question of inducting fresh talent in the team arises. But unfortunately, the younger players seem to be performing worse than the aged players. Rohit Sharma is a classic example to prove this point. Even after providing repeated opportunity through the rotation policy, Rohit Sharma failed to capitalise on it and performed poorly. Ten years later, Sachin, at the age of 48, may still score forty or fifty runs. But a youngster may not even make a double digit score. Then the question arises as to whether India should retain aged players who can make some contribution or bring in fresh talent who may make no contribution to the team. It is a delicate decision to make. If I am in the selection committee, I will rather opt for a mixed blend of both experienced and young players. I still believe, even after this match, that Sachin is not finished yet in one day matches. But if Sachin fails in the next match also against Sri Lanka on Tuesday and scores a century against Bangladesh in the Asian Cup tournament next month, people will ridicule him. At least for saving face, Sachin should come out successful against Sri Lanka on Tuesday. In fact India has no pressure in that match and Sri Lanka also will not strain itself to trouble India and Sachin as it knows that it has already qualified for the finals for all practical purposes. It will be a golden opportunity for Sachin to showcase his talent for one last time in this Australian tour. After that, it will be up to him to say good bye to one day cricket or to continue to play in the Asian Cup.

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