Australia versus Sri Lanka One Day Match at Melbourne

Watch Christian's hat-trick

Watson scored a half century which was in vain

Shane Watson's innings proved futile for  his side.
Shane Watson's innings proved futile for his side. | Source

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Aussies Concede the Match to Eliminate India

Hat-Trick by Christian

One expected a stiff fight between Australia and Sri Lanka. When it was known in the morning after the toss that Australia will be chasing, I thought that it suited the Aussies as the Sri Lanka bowling attack looked nervous after receiving a mauling from the Indians headed by Virat Kohli. The match started with an exciting note when the Sri Lanka captain Jayawardene was run out by a direct throw by Hussey from the slips to the non-striker’s end. But Dinesh Chandimal and Sangakkara consolidated the innings as Sri Lanka set Australia a modest target of 239 to win. Full marks should be given to Christian for his excellent bowling which fetched him a hat-trick. Pattinson also bowled well to earn four wickets.

It Looked Like India Was Through

At this stage, I thought that India were through to the finals. But the Aussies began with a bad start with 26 runs for the loss of three wickets. Wade, Warner and Forrest were back in the pavilion. Captain Watson hit some glorious shots and reached his half century. After he departed, David Hussey continued the good work and it looked at one state that the Aussies might well reach the target. But in the end, other wickets fell at regular intervals, leaving David Hussey high and dry. Australia lost the match by a cat’s whisker.

Aussies Have Revenge in Their Blood

For India, it is a disappointing result. As an Indian, I was flabbergasted by the way the Aussies surrendered the match meekly. My friends suggested me that the Aussies had deliberately lost this match for taking revenge against India. India sent the Aussies packing home after the quarter finals in last year’s World Cup. Well, this might be true. The Aussies have such a revenge taking attitude in their genes. If England wins one match, the Aussies would batter England for the next two matches at least. Therefore there might be a truth in this statement that Australia had deliberately lost to Sri Lanka just to send India packing home. Remember, Germany and Austria had colluded in the 1982 World Cup Football tournament in Madrid, Spain just to send Algeria packing home. These things do happen in sports and nobody can stop them. There is no proof also to take action against the concerned team.

Sri Lanka Is a Better Team than India

If Australia had deliberately lost this match, they are only fools and have invited trouble for themselves in this triangular one day series. This is because Sri Lanka on any day looks distinctly better than India. One should not take into consideration the last match India played against Sri Lanka at Hobart wherein Virat Kohli tore the Sri Lankan attack to pieces and the Indians achieved the huge target of 320 set for them in just under 36 overs to not only win, but to earn bonus points also. This one match is an exception. In all the other matches, Indians had struggled a great deal. Indian top order batsmen did not prove worthy in this series. Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja repeatedly failed. Gautam Gambhir succeeded in some matches but failed in others. Only Virat Kohli and skipper Dhoni performed positively and consistently.

Australia versus Sri Lanka One Day Match at Melbourne

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Australia versus Sri Lanka One Day Match at Melbourne

Dinesh Chandimal played well

Dinesh Chandimal  contributed 75
Dinesh Chandimal contributed 75 | Source
Sangakkara played well for Sri Lanka
Sangakkara played well for Sri Lanka | Source

Australia versus Sri Lanka One Day Match at Melbourne

Sri Lankan Batsmen Can Chase Any Target

On the other hand, the Sri Lanka’s top order batsmen like Dilshan, Sangakkara, Jayawardene and Dinesh Chandimal succeeded many times to give Sri Lanka batting tremendous strength. Even bowlers and all rounders like Mathews and Prasad contributed. Therefore the Aussies are going to have trouble if the Sri Lanka batsmen show their might with full fledged strength. The Sri Lanka batsmen can chase any target and defeat Australia. On the other hand, if India had been their opponents, the Aussies could take Indian wickets very cheaply and bowl them out.

Error in Judgement by Aussies

In the bowling department, Indian bowling headed by Vinay Kumar and Praveen Kumar looks ordinary when compared to the Sri Lanka bowling headed by Lasith Malinga. Kulasekara is also bowling a good line and length. The Sri Lanka bowlers are capable of striking vital blows at crucial stages of the Aussie innings, thereby rocking the boat vigorously. Whichever way you look, Sri Lanka is a much stronger side than India and capable of crushing the Aussies. Moreover, Sri Lankan side has the unity and strength whereas the Indian side is a divided house with players accusing each other before the media. It is easier to defeat a divided side than a side which has a strong unity and sense of purpose. Therefore, I think, the Aussies might have erred in their judgement in their anxiety to wreck vengeance on India. Moreover the Aussies cannot get back the World Cup, which they lost to India last year. India continues to be the World Champion till the next World Cup in 2015. A defeat in this triangular series will not rob India of the World Championship title.

Asian Cup Stares at India

I will not be surprised if Sri Lanka pulls off an upset win over the Aussies in the three match finals. If Australia had deliberately lost this match to Sri Lanka, they may have to regret their decision soon Now that India has been eliminated and sent home, one can expect the Indians to prepare hard for the ensuing Asia Cup tourney to start soon in Bangladesh. In the sub-continent, the Indians will be on their own. One can look forward to the hundredth century from Sachin Tendulkar. India should consider the Australian tour as a bad dream and should regain its strength by playing well in the sub-continent. India should also feel happy that in the triangular series, it was the only side which earned a bonus point by playing a vintage cricket.

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