Australian Players Should Not Be Allowed To Play In India in IPL

Shiv Sena and Cricket Fans Should Revolt Against Australians

Shiv Sena and Cricket Fans Should Revolt Against Australians
Shiv Sena and Cricket Fans Should Revolt Against Australians

Australian Players Should Be Made To Feel Unsecure In India

Australia Indulged In Match Fixing To Favour Pakistan

Recently in the T-20 World Cup, Australia hatched a plot to eliminate India from the competition and favour India’s arch and bitter enemy Pakistan. How did it happen? In the Super eight match between Australia and Pakistan, Pakistan needed a better run rate as well as a victory over Australia to qualify for the semi-final. Australia gifted both of them to Pakistan with an intention to eliminate India. They deliberately played slow in their innings and lost to Pakistan by a good margin in order to boost up the run rate of Pakistan.

Racism Rules The Roost in ICC

This was clearly an act of an enemy. This was also a match fixing which is illegal and immoral. ICC should definitely take action against Australia for this wretched act. But it is doubtful whether they will do it. This is because ICC is in the hands of powerful white people who will protect their tribe. Racism prevails so intensely in the ICC that any meaningful action against any Australian player of official is ruled out. Poor Pakistani players are caught red handed and punished with imprisonment by a London court. They languish in jail and lose their career opportunities also.

Australian Cricket Board Officials Were Involved In Match Fixing

But ICC takes no action against Australian players because of their skin colour. Will the Australian cricket board take any action against the Australian players? Ha ha ha, it is a joke. The Australian cricket board officials themselves should be involved in this match fixing. Without their knowledge, the Australian team would not have done enacted this episode without caring for its reputation and consequences. Only because of the protection provided by the Australian cricket board would the Australian captain and players deliberately lost to Pakistan and also facilitated better run rate for Pakistan. Therefore the Australian cricket board will not take any action against the Australian players.

Many Australians Play in IPL

Can the Indian cricket board take any action against the Australian players? No, it cannot. Australian players do not come under the jurisdiction of the Indian cricket board. But India can certainly do one thing to register its protest. Many Australian cricket players, past and present, are visiting India and take part in the IPL (Indian Premier League) T-20 tournament every year. These players play for various clubs like CSK, Mumbai Indians, KXIP, KKR, etc and earn a huge amount. India can ban these Australian players from taking part in the IPL competition.

Shiv Sena and Cricket Fans Should Revolt Against Australians

But this is also unlikely to happen because the Indian Cricket Board is corrupt and the officials can easily be purchased. Some extremist political parties like Shiv Sena can take the initiative and protest against the Australian players. Shiv Sena had already given statements that it would not allow any Pakistan players to take part in the IPL. Now it can extend the same threat against the Australian players also. Cricket fans can also join these protests and demonstrations against the Australian players like Mike Hussey.

Australian Players Should Be Made To Feel Unsecure In India

India is a country of huge population of more than hundred crore people (thousand million). Cricket is like a religion in India and there are millions of cricket fans. These fans were infuriated when Australia deliberately favoured India’s arch enemy Pakistan in the T-20 World Cup. They can vent their anger against the Australian players in the form of protests and demonstrations. A situation should develop in which the Australian players feel unsafe to visit India and take part in cricket matches. They themselves will stay away from the IPL if they feel any security threat because nobody likes to risk their lives for earning money.

Australians Should Be Banned From IPL

The very sight of Australian players playing before the huge Indian crowd is so disgusting after the match fixing act committed by Australia. Indian government and Indian cricket board are not even going to notice this event. The fans and political parties like Shiv Sena should organise revolt and demonstrations wherever the Australian players play. Even the hotels where the Australian players stay should not be spared. Let the Australians fix any matches and do whatever they like. But they should not be allowed to play in India. Will the fans and political parties rise to the occasion? Even if some of them start doing this, the Australians will fear for their security and lives and avoid playing in India during their life time. Pakistan is India’s enemy. But Australia is a treacherous and more dangerous than Pakistan. A person behaving as a friend and assisting the enemy is more dangerous than the enemy himself.


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