Australian Team Plagued By Indiscipline And Players’ Revolt

Dhoni Plundered Australian Bowlers

Dhoni Plundered Australian Bowlers
Dhoni Plundered Australian Bowlers | Source

Dhoni Plundered Australian Bowlers

For The First Time Revolt In Australian Team

Australian cricket team is being plagued by problems involving team unity, discipline and performance. This is the first time to the best of my knowledge that a rebellion is being staged by the players against the captain, coach and the manager. In the past there had been instances of personal misbehaviour under the influence of alcohol (and possibly drugs also). But this time collectively four (and possibly more) players have rebelled against the establishment. These four players have been identified as Usman Kwaja, Shane Watson, James Pattinson and Mitchell Johnson.

Refusal To Fill In The Form Was Not The Real Reason For The Axe

The coach has cited the reason that these four players refused to fill in a form which asked for suggestions for improvement of the team performance. Even a child will be able to tell that this silly reason quoted is not the real reason for the suspension of the players by the coach for the third test match against India to be played at Mohali on 14th March. In fact captain Clarke has admitted openly that this was the last straw on the camel’s back. In other words, it is obvious that there had been repeated disobedience against the coach and the captain by these four players in the past. The story looks similar to the rebellion in the French football team staged by Samir Nasri.

Past Successes Kept Rebellion At Bay

In the past, Australia had tasted success often. Even in case of a rare failure, it was compensated more than by subsequent successful performances. Take for example the series against West Indies in 1975-76. West Indies was captained by Clive Lloyd and Australia by Greg Chappell. West Indies massacred Australia in Perth and wrested an innings win. But Australia won the next four tests and the series by a margin of 5-1. Therefore occasional defeats did not matter much and the team members remained united. Even when Australia lost a series against England during the Ashes series, it was considered as an aberration and quickly forgotten.

Dhoni Plundered Australian Bowlers

But now Australia is being massacred by a sub-standard Indian team captained by Dhoni. The same Dhoni’s team was massacred more or less by the same Australian team a year back in which Australia won the series by 4-0. But now they are at the receiving end. They did not expect this turn of events. Australia has become the laughing stock in the eyes of their cricket fans. Dhoni plundered Australian bowlers and scored a double century in the first test. In the second test, it was the turn of relative newcomers Poojara and Murli Vijay to batter the Australians.

Blame Game Started In The Hotel Room

Australia wilted under pressure both on and off the field. The players started the blame game in the hotel room. They accused each other apart from pointing their fingers at the captain, coach, manager and even the physiotherapist. Abusive languages were exchanged. There were even fist fights. Australian media flamed the passions by rubbing salt on the wound. No day or night went peacefully for the Aussies. Therefore the suspension of the four players by the coach with the concurrence of the captain is the outcome of all these happenings in the recent past. It is not the outcome of one single incident. Now this rebellion will spread like bushfire and engulf the Aussies under it. They will suffer the ignominy of losing the next two tests against India by a wide margin. India, which is leading the series by 2-0 already, is likely to win by 4-0.

Let England Win The Ashes Series

Australia deliberately lost to India’s arch enemy Pakistan in order to deliberately eliminate India from the competition in the 2012 T-20 World Cup. It earned the displeasure of all Indian cricket fans in the process. Now as an Indian I feel happy that Australia is suffering from team disunity. More insults are in store for Australia in the coming days. No one will be surprised if it gets butchered by its arch enemy England in the Ashes series to be held in July this year. I pray God for an England win by a huge margin in the Ashes series.


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