Brazil - like Soccer, like Software

When most Americans think of soccer, they think of Europe. They have images of loud, drunk, boisterous (and sometimes racist), rowdy Englishman singing songs and throwing punches as 90 minutes of a back-and-forth squabble end with a 1-0 scoreline. There are pretty boys like David Beckham, tiny gods like Lionel Messi, and more pretty boys like Christiano Rinaldo. Sometimes these titans of the soccer world can be seen partying in New York or Los Angeles, rubbing elbows with the rich and powerful and sometimes rubbing a little bit more than elbows with the Paris Hiltons of the world.

Yet, every four years, Americans throw themselves into the month long party that is the World Cup. Start drinking at 7 AM? Check. Wave the American flag? Check. Watch Brazil dominate? Yep.

How Brazil dominates the world of Maintenance Management

Historically, that's what happens: Brazil, a country that keeps most of its talent in its own country and rarely exports players to Europe, comes through and crushes the competition. Lately, Brazilian software wizards have come out of the woodwork to dominate the world of Maintenance Management. How are they doing it?

FIRST. When you order something, you want it, and you want it fast. That's the world that we live in today: high tech, high speed, accuracy, and doing it on the cheap. The Brazilian term for it is ordem de serviço, but the rest of the world called him Pele. Pele was a dominating figure in soccer for decades, from his days of World Cup glory to his playing in the legendary NASL. Pele's skills blew away the competition for years. In the history of the sport, nobody has a history with their national team like Pele, and he is the only player in soccer history to win 3 World Cups. Most players don't even appear in more than two. In all competitions through 1,363 games Pele scored 1,281. Talk about filling a service order - when you need it, Pele gets it. Your business can be Pele-like with the right Maintenance Management Software.

SECOND. Three of the most important letters in the business world right now are EAM. This, of course, is Enterprise Asset Management. As any boss will tell you, sometimes running a business is like running a daycare: you are nurturing growth while protecting what you have in a world of problems, chaos and runny noses. Brazilians know how to take care of what they have, and so too did their soccer hero of the 90s and 00s - Ronaldhino. Perhaps the best ball handler in Brazilian history, Ronaldhino could juggle circles around opponents with his trademark "snake" move. When things seemed overwhelming and opponents would swarm, Ronaldhino would squeak right out stronger than ever. Brazilians are applying this theory to their EAM - and succeeding.

THIRD. By the time the 90s came around, Brazil's national team was in need of some fixing. A young man with the nickname Ronaldo emerged and was part of a streak of dominance for the Brazilian national team, who would reach three straight World Cup finals and win two of them. Seeing the game-within-the-game was his specialty, and in-game adjustments were naturally part of that. Brazilian business owners know this as planejamento de manutenção industrial, or maintenance planning. In soccer, you have to have foresight to be successful. Ronaldo had that in spades, and any smart business owner knows being able to see and prevent problems before they occur is key to success.

So if you want to have your business dominate your field like Brazil does, remember: service order, asset management, and planning. You'll be sure to score early and often.

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