Procat Bait Boat and Other Bait Boats

The Procat bait boat and other boats made by Angling Technics are some of the best in the industry.  Bait boats are radio-controlled miniature water craft made to ferry a fisherman's bait to parts of the water where it's difficult or impossible to cast.  In Britain, the boats have been the latest craze in carp fishing.  For fishermen determined to catch the prime fish of the crop, this craft is a must-have.

A good bait boat can be fairly expensive (but for some fishermen definitely worth it).  They are be around two feet long and be able to carry six pounds of bait.   Some fancy bait boats can even have sonar to help fishermen to find the best fishing grounds.  These boats can also have GPS devices installed to help angulars to deliver their lines to precise locations where they want to fish. 

Procat Bait Boat

If you're looking for the best bang for your money you should look no further than the Procat bait boat made by Angling Technics. Regarded as a budget boat, it is one of the most popular boats on the market and is very reliable. Anyone who owns a Procat will happily give you a good review!

The Procat features:

  • Light - 2.75kg including battery
  • Efficient - 2+ hours running time
  • Fast charging - high capacity NMH technology
  • Low profile - only 135mm high
  • Robust - high strength acrylic capped ABS
  • Reliable - zero maintenance drives
  • Quiet - low noise hybrid drives with no servos
  • Manoeuvrable - no priming twin reversible drives
  • Stable - CAD designed catamaran hull
  • Intelligent - advanced battery gauge built in.
  • Bait capacity - 0.5kg
  • Dimensions - 620mm x 280mm x 135mm

Waverunner Bait Boat

The Waverunner is another great bait boat for fishermen on a budget.  Besides being fairly large and difficult to maneuver at times, the Waverunner is a great choice for any angular.  It's been designed to be one of the most advanced boats on the water without breaking the bank for cost.  This is a boat one should seriously consider getting.

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vigorelle profile image

vigorelle 6 years ago from spain

These are brilliant never seen these used before here in spain will have to give them a try

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