Barcelona (FCB) 2012 Title Predictions

Barcelona hasn’t been enjoying the best of runs over the past few weeks with soft losses and draws in La Liga. I’m not sure if it is the cold snap in Europe that is causing this form drop but the team appears to be tired and cold.

This has caught me out a few times as Barca have dropped some easy games in La Liga and doesn’t seem to be playing like that champion team of only a month or so ago. It appears to me that Barca have given up the cause of winning La Liga by allowing Real Madrid to take a 10 point advantage in the league.

Let’s have a look at the remaining competitions that Barca remain in to get a feel for what may be the teams target for the next few months.

La Liga

Clearly the league title is out of reach for Barca this year. Real Madrid has a 10 point lead and the last two away games for Barcelona have delivered an unconvincing 0-0 draw at Villarreal and a 3-2 lost to Osasuna (a team that they beat 8-0 at home earlier in the campaign.)

While Barcelona appear to be able to grind out wins at home, on the road in la Liga is a hard task and it appears that there is no way to overtake Real Madrid before the end of the year.

Guardiola (the Barca Coach) has experimented with the first La Liga team in recent weeks introducing young players to supplement for players that a resting or injured. This demonstrates that Barca have almost given away the league title to focus on other competitions. And if Barcelona remains in 2nd place on the league they will automatically gain access to the 2013 Champions League.

Copa De Ray

The Spanish Cup remains a priority for the club with the final with Bilbao scheduled on 25 May. By knocking out Real Madrid in January leaves the door open to take this title.

As the cup is scheduled at the end of the season expect Barcelona to field a very strong and competitive team.

Champions League

As demonstrated overnight this is the #1 priority for Barcelona. As defending champions in the world’s most lucrative league there is a major incentive for Barca to take the title.

The 1-3 win over Bayern Leverkusen was a gusty effort from the team and showed elements of the brilliance that we expect from Barcelona. Messi had a difficult night, but his goal in the second half was a brilliant conversion of a pinpoint Dani Alves pass.

Providing that Barcelona can stay fit and can get back key players from injury there is enough talent in this team to take the title again. It was be pleasing for Guardiola to have some of the best players in the world who know how to play as a team and such a strong bench that includes home grown junior players like Issac Lopez.


For those who like to have a small punt on Soccer I think that Barcelona will remain suspect in La Liga games through to the end of the season. Barcelona will remain hard to beat at home, but can be suspect away from home especially if they rest key players.

The focus for the remainder of the year is on the Champions League and hopefully raising the Spanish Cup as well in May. Away from home Barcelona may prove to offer some good value for money in odds depending on how the first leg of the draw went.

Regardless I am still looking forward to seeing the magic of Messi and this powerhouse team right through to the end of the season….and a win against Valencia in the next week!

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reecedarwent profile image

reecedarwent 5 years ago from Newcastle

A good read. I think Champions League and Copa Del Rey are both acheivable, more so the latter, and this would still be a successful season. however, only winning the Copa Del Rey is not good enough for a team which contains the likes of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta.

charmike4 profile image

charmike4 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

I agree reecedarwent the team needs to win the Champions League. Their recent form shows that Messi needs delivery and without Xavi & Iniesta he doesn't always get this. Thanks for your comment.

charmike4 profile image

charmike4 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Big win for Barca last night 7-1 with Messi nailing 5 goals! European Champions League stays on track!

AfricaResource profile image

AfricaResource 4 years ago from Dorking, Surrey, United Kingdom

I Think Barca are without a doubt going to win the Champions League, they seem to just out play everyone they play, home or away!

charmike4 profile image

charmike4 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

I agree AfricaResource, the team is stepping up in games that really matter and the mid-season La Liga slump appears to be over. With Real Madrid in the other side of the draw I see Barca progressing into the final. Thanks for your comment. Cheers Michael

charmike4 profile image

charmike4 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Slight hiccup for Barca this morning, but a 0-0 draw at the San Siro is still a good result with the return leg next week at the Nou Camp. I was really impresses with how Barca kept up their game with no panic...there is always next week to win the tie.

charmike4 profile image

charmike4 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Another week and Barca remain on track - 3-1 over AC Milan.

charmike4 profile image

charmike4 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Wow - 11 games in La Liga that Barca have won in a row. With the game against Real Madrid this week anything can happen. The gap has been whittled down to 4 points now & if Barca can beat Real next week it will be just 1 point in it and a great chance that Barcelona could well be the champions of Europe and Spain again.

What a tasty end to the season with a real possibility of Barca meeting Real in the Champions League final and the important meeting next week in La Liga to almost decide the La Liga champion! What a great couple of weeks coming up...enjoy!

charmike4 profile image

charmike4 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Chelsea 1-0 will make for an interesting return match next week, along with the Classico...big week for Barca!

charmike4 profile image

charmike4 4 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

The prediction stays true! Congratulations to Real Madrid in effectively winning the 2012 La Liga title. The key for Barca now is to regroup and work out a way to destroy Chelsea on Tuesday to get into the Champions League title to become the first team to win back to back in the Champions League era.

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