Origins of Baseball's History and Fascination With Sunflower Seeds


Origin of Sunflower Seeds

I guess it makes sense.  Native Americans were raising sunflowers in order to harvest the scrumptious seeds way back, I mean several thousand years ago.

It was only a matter of time that something so "American" found its way into the American past time.  Sunflower seeds are now enjoyed by, and the first choice, by professional baseball players everywhere.  Even in the stands and amongst umpires, coaches, and managers.

And has always been the case with the "big leagues" so too do the kids.  This is actually a good thing though some might find the prospect of a bunch of kids spitting seeds everywhere a little repulsive it is better than the alternative.


A Healthy Alternative

Prior to the increase and change over to sunflower seeds baseball players often chewed tobacco and smoked.  This was the popular thing to do for kids after having seen their heroes in the dugout and at the plate do it for so long.  Since this was not allowed in young leagues, as well as high school and colleges, it was only  normal that the young people would start doing these things away from the ballpark. 

The Healthy Benefits

Americans cracked open an estimated 100 million pounds of seeds per year in the last years — 50-percent more than the previous 10 years.  Sunflower kernels are an excellent source of iron, zinc and vitamin E, as well as dietary fiber.

Sunflower seeds and cracking is not just a healthy snack but they are fun to eat!  Learning to crack, eat and spit all with the mouth provides a source of entertainment and mind-occupation akin to some chemical habits.  It can even help a person break bad habits such as tobacco use. 

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