Basketball Shooting Drills

How To Improve Your Scores

Are you using the right basketball shooting drills to perfect your shots? All coaches want their players to become good shooters and advance overall. They want their players to be consistent, accurate, and to have decent form. It is not hard to convince a kid that practice is a good thing. All you have to do is walk to your local basketball court and notice players shooting hoops. If there is not a game going, their will be players practicing their shot. Or, perhaps listening to their coach and practicing on their shooting form.

However, shooting at your local court or practicing by yourself is totally different than shooting in a game. With an organized game, a player's form should be automatic. They cannot be thinking about the way to shoot, making an attempt to get their elbows in the right place, or gauging the arc required. The shots need to come naturally that is why coaches always stress practice, practice and more practice.

When you perform the same movement over and over again, your muscles get used to this action and it starts to become natural - This is called muscle memory. Your basic basketball shooting drills should emphasize good form and good mechanics all the time.

Basketball Shooting Drills
Basketball Shooting Drills

Basketball Shooting Drills You Should Target

Aside from good shooting form, there are one or two other aspects to your shooting success in a game. More sophisticated shooting drills need to target the following:

1. A fast release. An offensive play is well run when a player is in a position to leave his opponent by giving him a good fake or running him off a pick, putting him in position by himself for a quick pass. However, he will only have a few seconds alone and must be prepared to turn and fire instantly - smoothly and calmly, not rushed. To be able to shoot calmly under this kind of pressure, you must practice this way. You must practice getting the pass, squaring up to the basket, and shooting - with one fast, clean motion. Because if you wait longer, the defense will be on you in a split second.

2. Good court vision. Every so often, there is a great time to shoot; and other times there isn't. Often it is better to fake and drive. Occasionally some other person is in a stronger position for the pass and should shoot the basket. Good court vision is seeing what is happening around you and adjusting appropriately. Practice reading defenses - know what to do if a player charges or lays back.

3. Selecting your shot. All players should practice shooting from where they would be in a game. Big men will not usually be taking 3 point shots; and guards won't typically be taking a drop step inside the key. So don't waste valuable practice time doing drills that will most likely not be used in a game.

If a player is not trusted to make a shoot on the court, he is a black hole to the team. No one will want to give him the ball. While good form is crucial for a consistent shot and must be taught and braced, if a player does not have a fast release, good court vision, and an awareness of his shooting strengths, the best form will fail more times than not.

Choose basketball shooting drills that allow an opportunity to prepare for this type of shot in the game. To advance your game even further, you will want to incorporate some workouts to jump higher.

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Great Wide Open profile image

Great Wide Open 6 years ago from The Astral Plane

Hey James, is this you that I see in the pictures on your hubs taking the ball to the hoop?

Steven Randall

Jason Roatan  6 years ago

Yeah, is it you? Great picture either way.

Andreas 21 months ago

Ross I want to THANK YOU for making golf fun again. Let me tell you when you 4 and 5 putt each green golf can get very deeipssrng. Ross your putting video fixed me in 3 views. I have taken the hands out of my stoke and am now using my left shoulder back and through. Yesterday I played and had 32 putts in my round and a lot of long lag easy tap in 2 putts. It felt great to putt well again after catching the extreme yips for a month. Thanks Ross!!

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