Bayern München

Official Name: FC Bayern München

President: Franz Beckenbauer

Secretary: none

Press Officer: Markus Hörwick

Coach: Louis van Gaal

Address: Saebener Strasse 51 81547, Munich

Telephone: (+49) 89 699 31 0

Fax: (+49) 89 644 165


Uniform: red/white

Champions League uniform: bordeaux/white

Alternative uniform: white/navy blue/ red

UEFA Champions League winner: 2001

European Champions Clubs Cup winner: 1974, 1975, 1976

EUSA Cup winner: 1976, 2001

UEFA Cup Winners' Cup winner: 1967

German Championship winner: 1932, 1969, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1980, 1981, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2006

UEFA Cup winner: 1996

German Cup winner: 1957, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1971, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006

1903: New president: Dr. Willem Hesselink

1900: FC Bayern München founded (by members of a gymnastics club), First president: Franz John

1906: New president: Kurt Müller

1907: New president: Dr. Angelo Knorr

1908: New manager: Thomas Taylor

1909: New manager: George Hoer

1911: New manager: John Griffith

1913: New president: Kurt Landauer

1914: New president: Fred Dunn, New manager: William Townley

1915: New president: Hans Tusch, (later) New president: Fritz Meier, New manager: Franz Kreisel

1916: New president: Hans Bermühler, (later) New president: Fritz Meier, New manager: Franz Baumann

1917: New manager: Heinz Kirstner

1918: New manager: Karl Storch

1919: New president: Kurt Landauer, New manager: William Townley

1921: New president: Fred Dunn, New manager: Hans Schmid

1922: New president: Kurt Landauer

1924: New manager: Jim McPherson

1927: New manager: Leo Weisz

1928: New manager: Kálmán Konrád

1931: New manager: Richard Kohn

1932: German Championship winner

1933: New president: Siegfried Hermann, New manager: Hans Tauchert

1934: New manager: Ludwig Hofmann

1935: New president: Dr. Richard Amesmeier

1934: New president: Dr. Karl-Heinz Oettinger

1935: New manager: Richard Michalke

1937: New president: Franz Nußhardt, New manager: Heinz Körner

1938: New president: Kellner, New manager: Ludwig Goldbrunner

1943: New president: Sauter, New manager: Conny Heidkamp

1945: New president: Franz Xaver Heilmansseder, (later) New president: Josef Bayer, (later) New president: Siegfried Hermann, New manager: Richard Högg

1946: New manager: Josef Pöttinger

1947: New president: Kurt Landauer, New manager: Alwin Riemke, New manager: Franz Dietl

1948: New manager: Alwin Riemke

1950: New manager: David Davison

1951: New president: Julius Scheuring, New manager: Alwin Riemke, New manager: Max Schäfer 

1953: New president: Adolf Fischer, Karli Wild, Hugo Theisinger, New manager: Georg Bayerer

1954: New manager: Georg Köpfle, New manager: Jakob Streitle

1955: New president: Alfred Reitlinger, Relegation from First Division of German Southern League Oberliga Süd, New manager: Bertl Moll

1956: Promotion to Oberliga Süd, New manager: Willibald Hahn

1957: German Cup winner

1958: New president: Roland Endler, New manager: Bertl Moll, New manager: Adolf Patek

1961: New manager: Helmut Schneider

1962: New President: Wilhelm Neudecker

1963: Regional leagues merge to create one national First Division League, Bayern München denied membership New manager: Zlatko Čajkovski

1966: German Cup winner

1965: Promoted to First Division

1967: UEFA Cup Winners' Cup winner, German Cup winner

1968: New manager: Branko Zebec

1969: German Championship winner, German Cup winner

1970: New Coach: Udo Lattek, German Championship runner-up

1971: German Championship runner-up, German Cup winner

1972: German Championship winner, German Cup final against Schalke 04: First live television broadcast in Bundesliga, first game in Bayern's new Stadium; Olimpic Stadium

1973: German Championship winner

1974: European Champions Clubs Cup winner, German Championship winner

1975: New manager: Dettmar Cramer, European Champions Clubs Cup winner

1976 European Champions Clubs Cup winner (third club to win in three consecutive years), EUSA Cup winner

1977: New manager: Gyula Lóránt

1979: April 24: New president: Willi O. Hoffmann, New manager: Pál Csernai

1980: German Championship winner

1981: German Championship winner

1982: UEFA Champions League runner-up, German Cup winner

1983: New manager: Reinhard Saftig, New manager: Udo Lattek

1984: German Cup winner

1985: October 9: New president: Prof. Dr. Fritz Scherer, German Championship winner

1986: German Championship winner, German Cup winner

1987: New manager: Jupp Heynckes, UEFA Champions League runner-up, German Championship winner

1988: German Championship runner-up

1989: German Championship winner

1990: German Championship winner

1991: New manager: Søren Lerby, German Championship runner-up

1992: New manager: Erich Ribbeck

1993: German Championship runner-up

1994: October 7: New president: Franz Beckenbauer, New manager: Franz Beckenbauer, New manager: Giovanni Trapattoni, German Championship winner

1995: New manager: Otto Rehhagel

1996: New manager: Franz Beckenbauer, New manager: Giovanni Trapattoni, UEFA Cup winner, German Championship runner-up

1997: German Championship winner

1998: New manager: Ottmar Hitzfeld, German Championship runner-up, German Cup winner

1999: UEFA Championship runner-up, German Championship winner

2000: German Championship winner, German Cup winner

2001: UEFA Champions League winner, EUSA Cup winner, German Championship winner

2003: German Championship winner, German Cup winner

2004: New manager: Felix Magath, German Championship runner-up

2005: New Stadium: Allianz Arena (shares it with TSV 1860), German Championship winner, German Cup winner

2006: German Championship winner, German Cup winner

2007: New manager: Ottmar Hitzfeld

2008: New manager: Jürgen Klinsmann

2009: New manager: Jupp Heinckes, New manager: Louis Van Gaal

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