Beautiful Snow Pictures – A Winter Wonderland


To anyone who lives in a typically warm climate, the winter scenes depicted in these snow pictures may seem, in some ways, a bit cold and uninviting. In the northern hemisphere, particularly in countries such as Canada, the northern U.S., or the Scandinavian countries, winter is a part of life. Most of us don’t hibernate, we get out there and enjoy it, and make the best of it. It’s quite beautiful in its own way.

Whether it’s skiing, tobogganing, ice hockey, pleasure skating, making snow angels or snowmen, or just taking a stroll…it really doesn’t matter that it’s cold, as long as you’re dressed for such weather. After all, you know you’ll soon be indoors where it’s nice and warm, perhaps in front of a fireplace, cuddling with the one you love, with a cup of hot chocolate.

As with my autumn and beautiful flowers photos, I’ve selected a few of my favourite snow pictures, for your enjoyment. I risked the possibility of frostbite to get some of these pictures, but you can appreciate them without freezing as well. You may want to put on a sweater, just in case.

Snow-covered trees
Snow-covered trees

If the temperature is not too cold, and the winds are light, a heavy snowfall attaches to the bare branches of the trees, sticking like whipped cream to every single branch.

Winter scene with old house
Winter scene with old house

If you live in any small town in Canada or northeastern U.S., with many older houses, this winter scene no doubt looks quite familiar.  There’s something about older houses…they have real character, and the snow that hangs over the trees and bushes merely adds to the character of the winter scenes.

Winter in the woods
Winter in the woods

Living near a large park, or ravine enables you to view the relatively unspoiled dusting of snow, in its most natural setting. If the creek is fast moving, and the air is a bit more temperate, you can see the water gurgling under and over sheets of ice and snow.

A beautiful snowdrift
A beautiful snowdrift

When the winds pick up, a fresh dumping of snow sends thousands of snowflakes into snowdrifts, forming incredibly fascinating and unusual shapes around anything they encounter.

Beware the mighty icicles!
Beware the mighty icicles!


Yet all how beautiful!

Pillars of pearl

Propping the cliffs above,

stalactites bright

From the ice roof depending;

and beneath,

Grottoes and temples

with their crystal spires

And gleaming columns

radiant in the sun.

William Henry Burleigh

The snow piled high on many a street
The snow piled high on many a street

When several snowfalls accumulate, it soon becomes a problem of where to put all that snow.  This winter scene is a common one in many snowbound cities, usually once every winter at least, where the front lawns are piled high with a mountain of snow.

Snow-covered park bench
Snow-covered park bench

A forlorn and lonely park bench sits with a form-fitting dusting of snow, awaiting warmer weather, and the tired feet of passersby.

Winter scenes from a park.
Winter scenes from a park.

The Winter’s Spring

I love the snow, the crumpling snow
That hangs on everything
It covers everything below
Like white dove's brooding wing,
A landscape to the aching sight,
A vast expanse of dazzling light.

It is the foliage of the woods
That winters bring—the dress,
White Easter of the year in bud,
That makes the winter Spring.
The frost and snow his posies bring,
Nature's white spurts of the spring.

John Clare

Winter dies into the Spring, to be born again in the Autumn. - Marche Blumenberg
Winter dies into the Spring, to be born again in the Autumn. - Marche Blumenberg

When the winter cold finally starts to abate, the ice that coats the rivers and ponds gradually melts, creating openings around any vegetation that sticks out of the ice.

Yes, there really is about 12" of accumulated snow...
Yes, there really is about 12" of accumulated snow...

An outdoor deck which, during summer days provides a shady refuge from the hot sun, plays host to some deep snow blankets.

A winter wonderland - a Christmas card
A winter wonderland - a Christmas card

Another classic old house, with its expansive lawn frontage and undisturbed carpet of snow, becomes a veritable ‘Christmas card’ winter scene.

A brooding winter scene
A brooding winter scene


Out of the bosom of the Air,

Out of the cloud-folds of her garments shaken,

Over the woodlands brown and bare,

Over the harvest-fields forsaken,

Silent, and soft, and slow

Descends the snow.

Even as our cloudy fancies take

Suddenly shape in some divine expression,

Even as the troubled heart doth make

In the white countenance confession,

The troubled sky reveals

The grief it feels.

This is the poem of the air,

Slowly in silent syllables recorded;

This is the secret of despair,

Long in its cloudy bosom hoarded,

Now whispered and revealed

To wood and field.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Though the winter winds may sometimes blow cold, the beauty of nature can be enjoyed in spite of the chill. Anyone who’s grown up with such winter weather isn’t usually bothered that much…it’s in our blood. Besides, as the daylight grows gradually longer, it makes the summer weather something to look forward to…at long last.

All photographs and content are copyright 2011 by timorous+, except as noted.

If you wish to use any of these images for commercial purposes, please contact me through Hubpages. Thank you.

Thanks for enjoying the natural beauty of these snow pictures.

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I'm always happy to read your comments... 15 comments

sofs profile image

sofs 6 years ago

Beautiful, I enjoyed everyone of them, poetry in snow!!! Lovely pictures and lovely poetry. Thanks Tim for sharing them with us.

timorous profile image

timorous 6 years ago from Me to You Author

Hi sofs. I'm so glad you enjoyed the snow pictures. I suspect it might even work to cool you off during hot weather...try it. Thanks for your lovely comments.

profile image

Charlinex 6 years ago

Nice snow shots! The icicles is my favorite!

timorous profile image

timorous 6 years ago from Me to You Author

Hi Charlinex. So glad you enjoyed the snow pictures. Yeah, the icicles were from the back of the house I lived in, in Toronto. At one point the longest of them was over 48"!

Beth100 profile image

Beth100 6 years ago from Canada

You've captured the spirit of winter with your photos!! I love the icicles -- I still pick them off the cottage roof and lick them (very carefully) like a popsicle. Oh, and the taboggans -- whoosh! a load of fun!!! I completely forgot about snow angels even though we just made some last night. :)

Thank you for sharing your beautiful moments in time.

So, I'm gonna link you in with mine....that okay with you? :)

Beth100 profile image

Beth100 6 years ago from Canada

Hey Timorous! I've added hyperlinks to your profile page and this hub in my surviving winter hub. :) I hope you don't mind...just email me if you want me to remove the hyperlinks. :)

timorous profile image

timorous 6 years ago from Me to You Author

Hi Beth. Thanks for having such a good time with the snow pictures.

Sure..let us link to our hearts' content. I also linked to one of your other hubs from my O Canada hub, btw.


PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

Lovely pictures - it is a winter wonderland. Very enjoyable.

timorous profile image

timorous 6 years ago from Me to You Author

Hey Peg, thanks for having a look at my snow pictures. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

I missed this one last season. :( It's beautiful, as usual, Tim and full of lovely poems. I really got a kick out of the tobaggon photo-they could have been my grandkids! (or kids from long ago) Thanks.

timorous profile image

timorous 5 years ago from Me to You Author

Hello Denise. Haha...perhaps the snow has a psychological cooling effect as you view these photos on this sultry summer day. Thanks for visiting.

2uesday profile image

2uesday 5 years ago

This is a lovely page of winter photos and the poem you have selected goes so well with it, I enjoyed it.

timorous profile image

timorous 5 years ago from Me to You Author

Thanks so much 2uesday. In spite of the cold, it's still a lovely time of year. I'm glad you enjoyed the beautiful snow picutres and poem.

Blackspaniel1 profile image

Blackspaniel1 2 years ago

Beautiful images. Nice winter scenes. We get little snow here.

timorous profile image

timorous 2 years ago from Me to You Author

Thanks very much, Blackspaniel1. It is beautiful here in the winter. It's a nice contrast to the summer weather, though I do prefer the warmer weather.

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