Silver Arrow Pellets

*Beeman Silver Arrow Pellets*

When it comes to shooting an air gun it is very important to do your homework and make sure you purchase a quality rifle.

This is NOT what I did at all, but I got lucky and ended up with a kick ass break barrel air rifle all the same.

My buddy Ryan had this pellet gun that folded in half when you cocked it and it only shot one pellet at a time.

What a piece of crap (thought I) the first time I saw him plinking at birds in the back yard.

How could it even be very accurate when the two most important pieces, the barrel and the breech, are only held together with a hinge AND you are breaking it open to charge a huge spring piston to boot (never mind all the break over shotguns I have fired and hunted with successfully over the years)!

Ryan quickly dismissed my concerns about accuracy as every bird he shot at fell dead on the patio or somewhere in the yard (note to any would be yard bird hunters out there... clean up the dead ones or you will be in for a hell of a nasty smell).

There was still the matter of power that caused me to dismiss this air rifle as nothing more that a heavy duty BB gun.

(Note to readers: my expertise in the matter of air gun quality was limited to a 10 pump BB rifle my dad had that would barely put a BB through a tin can with 20 pumps.)

I watch with indifferent interest as I saw Ryan lining up on a squirrel perched in a tree that was in the neighbors yard across the alley (I have a 200 ft deep lot and the tree was another 100 feet or so away with the squirrel on the far side so I was pretty sure Ryan was pissing into the wind with this shot) but when he took the shot we both heard the tell tale "fffwop!" sound a bullet makes when it hits an animal with a body cavity.

Slightly surprised I asked, do you think it broke through the skin?"

Broke the skin?" He says "It went right through him."

Not believing this for a minute we both watched the squirrel (who I thought was just stunned) wobble a little then lose purchase with it's back legs, then slide to the side a hang from the branch with one front claw then that one failed and the squirrel fell 30 feet to the ground and didn't go anywhere after that.

Sure enough, there were two holes in that beast (that was charging right at us, demanding that we defend our very lives with the only weapon we had at our disposal, a Gamo Shadow Sport break barrel air rifle in .177cal) one on the left side and one on the right side.

I went inside, got online and bought a Gamo Shadow for $130 about 10 minutes later.

Oh yeah, Ryan was using 12 grain Silver Arrow Pellets in his gun.

I Love My Break Barrel Air Rifle

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