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An airsoft pistol can be invaluable in a match, and can be the difference between winning a game or spending your time at the respawn point, waiting to go back in. However, there are literally hundreds of pistols out there, choosing the best one for you is important. There are also many different types of pistols, some work with gas, others with batteries, and some are spring-loaded. They come in all price categories, some being rather cheap, others cost as much as an AEG. This article will break down the three main categories of airsoft pistols and show you the best ones you can get in various different price ranges.

Spring-Powered Pistols

This first section is about spring pistols, which is generally the cheapest group of the three. Although there are many brands and models that you should avoid, some are actually quite good, however, they won't be able to provide the same amount of firepower as a gas-powered or an electric powered gun.

1) Crosman Stinger P9T ($20) :

Don't let the name tell you otherwise, this is actually a great airsoft pistol (I own one), and comes with a few handy things, like a holster. While the package says it can shoot around 275 fps, it probably shoots more like 225 - 250 with .12 gram bbs. It is suprisingly accurate, and it's maximum effective range is probably around 50-60 feet. the magazine holds 15 rounds, but it has a reservoir on the back that can hold a lot more. It is made of a clear plastic, but it is pretty tough, and is easily painted with spray paint if it bothers you too much. All in all, it is a great starter pistol, and for just $20, it is definitely a good value.

2) Cybergun Colt Delta Elite 1911 ($30):

If you don't like clear plastic guns, then this one is for you. You can buy this one in black (or clear),and it has the official "Colt" trademarks on the gun. It shoots around 250 fps with .12 gram bb's, and 150 fps with .20 grams. It also disassembles easily, just pull one pin out and the slide comes off. It is also fairly accurate, although it doesn't have a hop-up. Still, this is a great buy for anyone who wants a very realistic looking 1911 airsoft replica.

The thing to remember with spring pistols is that you only get 1 shot every time you pull back the slide. This limits your firepower quite a bit, but they require absolutely no gas or batteries whatsoever. The range of a spring pistol is also quite a bit less than the other ones. They make less noise than a gas pistol, however, and are far cheaper than them as well. So, if you need a cheap, reliable sidearm that requires nothing other than your hand, spring pistols may be for you.

The WE Hi-Capa Dark Dragon V2, a gas powered airsoft pistol.
The WE Hi-Capa Dark Dragon V2, a gas powered airsoft pistol.

Gas-Powered Pistols

Gas pistols are the next step up from spring pistols. They use green gas to shoot the bb's, and they often come with a blowback feature, which pushes the slide back just like the real firearm would. They are, for the most part, semi-auto, and they do not require cocking each time you want to fire. They also make quite a bit of noise, which can be both a good and a bad thing. They can be intimidating, but they can also alert the enemy to your position. Because most of them are made of metal, they also are heavier than a spring pistol. Effective range and accuracy are much better than a spring pistol. Gas pistols cost more than a spring pistol does, however, the benefits are well worth it. Here are some great gas pistols that don't cost a ton of money.

H&K Full Metal USP Compact NS2 ($140):

Built completely out of metal by KWA, this is a great high quality pistol that will last a long time. It's magazine holds 23 rounds, enough to last you through enemy fire while reloading your primary gun. It also has a rail on the underside of the gun, enabling you to put a laser, flashlight, or other accessory on the gun. This pistol shoots around 300 fps, and is accurate past 100 feet. It also has blowback, which makes this gun extremely realistic. It uses green gas, so be sure to buy some if you plan on getting this gun.

WE Full Metal Luger ($100):

If you like Luger's, then this is the pistol for you. The title is slightly misleading, the gun is not fully metal since the handle is made of ABS plastic, but everything besides the handle is metal. The pistol is very similar to a real Luger, it features the same action that the German gun does. It comes in two different colors (black and chrome), and three different lengths (short, medium, and large). The magazine holds 15 rounds, and it is powered by green gas.

WE Hi Capa 5.1 Dark Dragon V.2 ($100):

For those of you who want a great looking gun and don't want to spend more than $100, look no further. Everything is made of metal, except for the handles, and it is a hefty pistol with quite a bit of weight. It has a hi-visibility front iron sight, which helps a great deal when aiming. It has a rail for adding lasers or flashlights, and it has a threaded barrel so you can add a flash hider or a fake suppressor. This pistol also holds 30 rounds, which is quite a bit, and it fires at about 300 fps. It, like the other gas pistols here, uses green gas.

The WE Full Metal Luger Gas Pistol
The WE Full Metal Luger Gas Pistol | Source

Electric Pistols

Electric airsoft pistols are the alternative to spring/gas guns if you want the same semi automatic firing that a gas pistol has without the constant re-cocking that goes with spring guns. These pistols only require a battery to operate, and are a little easier to maintain than a gas one, but they don't fire as fast or as accurate as a gas pistol can. Some of these electric pistols also lack the blowback feature that most gas pistols have.

The electric pistol market isn't a very big one, but here are a few choices if a spring or gas pistol aren't your thing.

1) Tokyo Marui M93R EBB ($140):

Tokyo Marui makes some of the best AEG's on the market, and their electric pistols are no different. This specific model is powered by a 7.2 volt battery, and has both a semi-auto and a full-auto mode. The frame of the gun is plastic, but don't worry, Tokyo Marui's build quality is extremely good. It shoots around 200 fps with .20 gram bbs, and is accurate to around 75 feet. It comes with a battery charger, and the battery lasts for around 8 magazines. It also has a small foregrip underneath the flash hider..

2) CYMA CM030 Glock 18 ($60)

This pistol is a great choice if you don't want to spend over $100 on a pistol, but still want the semi-auto capability of more expensive guns. It is made of plastic, but it will hold up to some abuse. It uses a 7.2V battery, and comes with a 30 round magazine. It also has a full auto mode, just like the Tokyo Marui model above. The manufacturer states that the gun shoots around 285 fps, but it's more likely to be around 200 fps with .20 gram bbs. In any case, this is still a great deal if you want a semi-auto capable pistol.

Making The Choice

Each category has it's positive's and negatives. Spring guns require no batteries or gas, but suffer from lack of speed and accuracy compared to gas guns, which shoot both fast and accurately. Gas pistols, however, cost more, and you have to buy green gas for them. Electric pistols require only batteries, and they fire in semi-auto, but they also can lack speed and accuracy. Although fps doesn't equal accuracy and range, it is a factor. So, balance your priorities and decide which is best for you.

Thanks for reading, and have fun playing!

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