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Safety Tips for Kitesurfiing

Kitesurfing is a daring surface water sport. The wind pulls the rider on the kiteboard through the water in this adventurous sport. Wave-riding, wake-style, freestyle are some of the different styles of Kitesurfing. Kite surfers make use of a board that is attached with a huge controllable kite to drive the rider and the board across the water. Kitesurfing is easier to learn, that's why more popular than windsurfing.

The Equipment that is needed to Kitesurf is mentioned below:

  • Kiteboard: This is a small wooden board, which usually come with sandle-type footstraps that let the rider to fix and detach from the board without difficulty. Kiteboards are available in various sizes and shapes according to the rider's skill level, style and wind conditions.
  • Wetsuit: Wetsuit is worn by Kitesurfer as in strong winds body temperature loss can be reduced by wearing it.
  • Control Bar: It is a solid bar which is attached to the kite by the flying lines. A kite is controlled by the rider by pulling at its ends.
  • Flying lines: Flying lines are prepared by strong material which is capable enough to handle the vibrant load in unpredictable wind.
  • Helmet: A helmet is must to protect the head by injuries.

A Kitesurfer should know how to avoid the dangers involved in this courageous sport. Following are suggestions or instructions that must be followed by a Kitesurfer:

Kitesurfing Equipments
Kitesurfing Equipments

Avoid Kitesurfing Dangers to be Safe

  • Be aware of weather dangers: A kitesurfer must confirm the weather conditions and weather forecast before starting Kitesurfing. Kitesurfing in stormy weather, high waves is not recommendable even for an experienced rider. A kitesurfer should have the ability to anticipate the weather condition it would be a lifesaving skill for a Kitesurfer.
  • Test out your equipment: A Kitesurfer should check the equipment to avoid any danger. Make sure in the starting that the Kitesurfing equipment is not damaged or broken as many times it is the improper operation of the equipment that cause problems and accidents.
  • Must learn lifeguard skills: To avoid any kind of threat or risk, it is advisable to gain knowledge of lifeguard skills. By doing this a Kitesurfer can rescue himself and assist others too.
  • Let others know your where about: It is always advised that a Kitesurfer should not Kitesurf alone and let know his friends where he is going because Kitesurfing in group decreases the chance of trouble and one can avoid Kitesurfing danger this way.
  • Proper safety protection: This plays a vital role in avoiding Kitesurfing danger. A Kitesurfer must wear proper safety equipment like helmet, life vest, a safety hook knife, a signaling device. They all should be of best quality.
  • Proper training: Spend the needed time in training and practicing before you decide to Kitesurf. Fundamental skills will assist you to be in control and will also help in staying away from any danger.

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dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

I live at Pismo Beach, Ca with ideal conditions for wind surfing. Great sport.

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Kevin Peter 6 years ago from Global Citizen Author

dallas93444 - You are very lucky !!! .

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