Best Football Helmets

Best Football Helmet

Football is one of the most popular game known all over the world. Many guys would ambitioned to be part of such a team during their high school days. While some on the other hand, enjoyed just by watching the game. It serves as a past time and entertainment. Looking at the game as it unfolds, it seems fun and easy thing to do. However if you are the one whose playing in the field, it takes training and endurance to learn the game plan. Professional players have to undergo rigid training in order to prepare their selves for the game. Furthermore, it’s a very risky sport because every time you play, there’s the risk of getting injured or wounded. This factor spiced up the over all concept of football.

Professional players of football are always equipped with safety gear as they go out to the field to play. They don’t just wear a shirt and shorts like basketball. The whole concept of the football game has made people to prioritize safety over any other. They included in the rules of the game the precautionary measures that the players should abide. And one of this is to wear the proper uniform and gears. One of the basic gear worn during playing is the helmet. Football helmets shield the head of the players as they play. It protects the player if there are instances that the player falls down or is going head on with another player. Though it may not guarantee totally safety, it helps to avoid worsening conditions. Research has shown in fact that most players who got injured during the game end up having up a brain concussion. Because of this the emphasis of wearing a helmet has increased.

Like humans, football helmets also evolved. The advent of the first football helmet started on 1896. It only uses a strap and an earpiece. By the 1920’s, a leather helmet was created. The materials used for these helmets were leather and it has padding inside for cushion. The problem with this design is that it has no enough padding and had no facemask. During this time, injuries are rampant because the players had their whole face exposed. By 1939, the Riddell Company from Chicago designed a helmet made of plastic. This ends the era of leather helmets. Plastic helmets were found to be more safe, effective and comfortable because the shape rightly fits the head and it has more padding. Furthermore, its design has included a plastic facemask which can protect the face. By 1990, the use of hard plastic known as polycarbonate has emerged. Up until present, this type of helmet is used by players. The inside is layered with vinyl and foam padding. This material can withstand a great impact unto the players head. The most notable addition of this design is its helmet sensors. It has foam encased sensors that can measure the acceleration and the impact of the player’s head during the collision. This will help the doctors estimate the gravity of the player’s condition. Additionally, a visor or eye shield was incorporated in the design. This protects the eye against eye injury and glaring lights.

Since it is a must that players should wear helmet, there are a lot of brands and styles available int the market. Since there are a lot of teams playing, each team has its own and design and these too are available in the market. Though each of which has its own pros and con, it has one ultimate purpose, to protect the head of the player. If you are planning to buy one, here’s a list of the best and popular football helmets available in the market. Consider the price and the quality of the helmet you are buying. Also, try to see if the design fits your preference. I hope this list will help you decide.

1. Oakley clear eye shield which costs around 60.00 dollars

2. Schutt Youth flex football face mask which cost around 19.99 dollars

3. Schutt Super pro Stainless Football face mask which cost around 39.99 dollars

4. Schutt Super Pro Carbon Steel Football face mask which cost around 29.99 dollars

5. Oakley Grey Eye shield which cost around 60.00 dollars

6. Schutt Super pro stainless steel football mask which cost around 39.99 dollars

7. Schutt Bulldog Carbon Steel Super Pro Football Face mask which cost around 29.99 dollars

8. Schutt Motocross Carbon Steel Super Pro Youth flex football face mask which cost around 19.99 dollars

Things to consider in choosing the football helmet:

· Make sure that the helmet fits your head. Buy your own size and fit it before buying. A non-fitted helmet may result to injury. Give time for fitting.

· Make sure that once you are wearing the helmet, you feel comfortable. Remember that you are out there to play and enjoy. You might end up not enjoying the whole duration of the game because you are not comfortable with your head gear.

· Consider the material which made up your helmet. Look at the manufacturer’s details to obtain these data.

· Consider that style fits your own preference.

· Look at every inch of the helmet to ensure that it has no damage.

· See the manufacturer’s guide for the proper care of your helmet so that it will last long despite frequent usage.

In buying a helmet, make sure to invest time and effort to research on the best and right helmet for you. Remember that this is use as a protective device. This could be the only thing that may keep you and save you from injury. Don’t settle for less if you have extra cash, rather, allocate enough money and really invest on a Class A helmet. You may not play the next time around because you settled on a low class one.

This is just my own listing for the best football and it may not be the best for some. You have the option to consider it or not. Enjoy and take care of your new helmet. Good luck!

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