The Best Hiking Shorts: Reviews and Comparisons of Top Brands

Top 3 Hiking, Climbing, Outdoor Shorts reviewed.

I've been researching outdoor apparel for a while now looking for the best, most versatile options out there. Here are my top 3 picks for shorts.

  1. Prana Stretch Zion Short

In my opinion, the best hiking/ climbing shorts currently available. These shorts are very well thought out, extremely versatile, and very comfy. They are 97% nylon, 3% spandex. This particular blending of materials makes the shorts very stretchy. Obviously, this means the shorts have no problem managing any type of movement. I have never worn a more comfortable piece of clothing. The difference in comfort between these and my other non stretch shorts is, in a word, ridiculous. I hate wearing "non-stretchers" now. Couple this with the inseam gusset and you will never have to worry about ripping out your seat from a high step on the trail or having the shorts restrict your motion while climbing.

The fabric breathes very well keeping you dry and happy when you start to overheat from activity. They also dry very quickly. I jumped in a pool with them recently and they were dry within 20 minutes after I got out. The inseam is 30cm or about 13 inches which means they come to right below your knee and help protect your thighs from the sun. They have 2 handpockets, two or one back pockets depending on the model, and two or one cargo pockets depending on the model (useful for a number of things while hiking). They also have a built in lightweight belt which can be handy. All the reviews I have read about these shorts are always very positive as well.

Need to Know: Hike a volcano, wrestle a grizzly bear, train to be a ninja. Do pretty much anything in these and they'll be up to it.

2. Outdoor Research Equinox Cargo Pants

These are the ideal shorts for summer. They are made from a DWR treated Supplex nylon meaning they are resistant water, in case you get caught in a summer monsoon and will dry very quickly. They are very lightweight, have a relaxed fit, and also have an inseam gusset. This means they will keep you dry, super comfortable, and provide a wide range of motion. They have six pockets total. Two hand, two cargo which can expand out giving extra storage space, and two back pockets that zipper shut keeping wallet and valuables safe. The UPF rating a 50 makes it so you won't get sunburned when you're out and about in the summer heat and sun. The inseam is 14 inches making them slightly longer than the Prana zion shorts. They also regularly receive very high ratings from customers.

Bottom Line: Perfect for any and all summer and spring outdoor outings.

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