Best Squash Rackets

Choosing the best squash racket is very important, as you wont want to play with a heavy or very cheap squash racket. That's why we list 3 best squash rackets for you to choose.

Dunlop Sports Aerogel Pro Gt Squash Racket

Dunlop Sports Aerogel Pro Gt Squash Racquet is endowed with an enhanced performance frame. The characteristic mark of this racquet is that it is bestowed with a long handle when compared to the racquets from other companies. It is preferred by the beginners and the advanced players alike. The reason why is its weight which is around only 137 grams.

Prince O3 Silver Prestrung Squash Racket

Prince O3 Silver Prestrung Squash Racket is characterized by a Triple Threat Tungsten frame. This frame is made of titanium, copper, tungsten and carbon. Prince O3 Silver Prstrung weighs only 140gms and this squash racket includes wall glider bumper and extender headshape as well.

Buy Harrow Turbo Racket

Harrow Turbo Squash Racket

Harrow Turbo Squash Racket is a medium-flex squash racket. It is shaped as teardrop so that the weight is distributed quite equally. Harrow Turbo Racket also provides an improved feel in your hand and it weighs only 160g.

Other Squash Rackets To Consider

Squash Racket Reviews

For more information and reviews about squash rackets, check out Squash Racket Reviews.


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