Best schedule for beginners undergoing bodybuilding training

Bodybuilding schedule for beginners

If you are a beginner, below 2 years of training then cut all that you have been doing. Give yourself a good month rest :) Yes you read it right. Eat well, rest a lot, let your nervous system recuperate from the torture it may have undergone. Get back fresh to the gym and do a workout which may look somewhat like this:

Day 1: 1- 2 heavy sets to failure each exercise.Bench Press Dumbell Flyes Pullups Dead lift Side Laterals Day 2 & Day 3 rest Day 4: 1 - 2 heavy sets to failure each exerciseSquatsLeg Curls Barbell Curls Tricep Barbell Extension Crunches Leg raises Day 5 & Day 6 rest Day 7 Repeat Cycle No jokes about the above workout. If they are taken seriously they will help you pack on some serious strength and size. We grew about 10 kilos of quality size not fat in first 6 months of our training on such compound movements. Variate the barbell with dumbell after the first month. That's all I can relate. The best way is to write down your stats in a book before you start this routine. Open that book after 3 months to see what has happened. Keep a training log to write down your workout. This helps tracking your progress and also maintain focus. Once you finish lets say 6 months, we can talk of higher split across 3 days instead of 2 days.


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Give your body time to rest and recuperate

For a beginner, I would suggest that you work out 3 days per week or every other day. By doing this, you will give your body a plenty of time for recuperation and muscle growth. Muscles do not grow while you are working out; they grow while you are resting. Working out will stress and damage the muscles slightly. Then your body reacts by building up the muscles in order to handle the extra work and stress. So by gradually increasing the workload you put on your muscles your body will become bigger and stronger.

Once you workout you have to give your body time to repair and build the muscles through rest. Then you repeat the process of working out and rest. A common mistake that people make is thinking that they will get better results if they workout for several hours everyday. This is not true because what happens is the muscles get stressed and damaged but they don't get a chance to recover and build up. This is what is called "over training". When you overtrain your body can't build muscle and you may even lose some of the muscle you have now.

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Paul Holtz 8 years ago

I think beginners should schedule their body building program correctly so that they could achieve their goal within the specified time. The hub is a great source of information to set up our schedule for the program. My efforts were successful only due to such valuable articles. Specially the tips are very helpful and important. Thanks for the informative hub.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 8 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks Paul for visiting and appreciating this hub. Yes, the tips provided in many articles on the net are useful and informative and they have even helped me learn the basics and mastery of many subjects.

kaihan 7 years ago

I have read all in your site but the main point of beginner training is not mentioned. So I think there should be a schedule of training.........that well be better.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Kaihan I will definitely publish one more post for including a schedule of training for beginners including your point /.. Please tell me what is that point..

Dear All, 6 years ago

I am 25 years old and I am 64 KG I get decide to start sport of Body building, I am living in Afghanistan, here we don't have any professional Trainer, I am asking you all, if you could do me fevor and send me schedule . I know how to use from Bench, Dumbles and all other assets of body building, just i am looking for scheduel, please send me schedule on Email: .

your cooperations highly appereciated. regards Joya

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hello friend,

I have written a blog with more than 100 posts on bodybuilding workouts, schedules, diet, exercise, tips, and tricks. I am just showing you the way to one article which could be beneficial for you:

Get to know the best schedule for body building training

You can also go through the whole blog if you want to learn about more things related with bodybuilding and weight training. Here is the home page of my blog:

Best of luck.

Bimendra gun profile image

Bimendra gun 6 years ago from Sri Lanka

hey have you got more schedules

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes Bimendra. check out my blog. it has loads of schedules.

Nate 6 years ago

A friend of mine who trains said I need to change up my daily routine (by performing variations of lifts) so that my muscles don't develop memory and plateau. Do you subscribe to that theory?

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 5 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes Nate, this theory is correct to the extent of my knowledge. For example it is proven that if you will keep on doing same form of exercise on a daily basis, a saturation point will come and beyond that your body muscles will not develop anymore. Our body behaves in the way we behave with it, the more frequently you will put pressure on certain muscle groups, the more problematic it will be, the less frequently you will put pressure, it will grow accordingly.

ashish 5 years ago

hello sir i am 22 yrs old...and mi wt is only 45kg..i want to gainweight and build muscles. i lived in orai and there is no any good trainer in gym. so i want that u send me perfect schedule of bodybuilding including diet and supplements... mi email is

amit jedia 5 years ago

hello sir this is amit i inspired u for build the huge body like u i m 22 yrs and i want to leave my bad habbits and i wanna become a bodybuilder so can u send me perfect schedule of bodybuilding including diet and supplements which don't have any side effect ... my email is

sandun 5 years ago

I am 21 years old and I am 56 KG

I started sport of

Body building 2 year ago, I am living in

sri lanka, here we don't have

any professional Trainer, I am

asking you all, if you could do me fevor and send me schedule . just i am looking

for scheduel, please send me

schedule on Email: sandun_117@

vikky sharma 5 years ago

i wanna know that if one day we have two exercise like chest& back now first we do chest exercise set than what shuld we do go to next set of chest or go to back set...plz reply with logic...

Sam 4 years ago

Just fouck of

ramin 4 years ago

I need a basic and clear schedule for get start. I don't know what to do.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 3 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Will post one result oriented schedule in another article. Please keep on the newly published articles via my profile "soni2006 on Hubpages" in a few days.

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