Body Building Supplements For Women: There is a Difference

There are basic differences in the male and female body. So a female diet for bodybuilding has to be different than for a man just as the body builder training regime is different. The biggest disparity if in metabolism, women can't metabolize fat as easily and quickly as men. Women don't increase muscle as easily as men, which is significant when creating a diet for a women body builder. Because women store more fat than men their best approach is to reduce the fat and cholesterol in their diet for bodybuilding.

There are ample supplements to choose from to enhance a female body building diet. The nutrients calcium and folate are very important for women. Be wary of anabolic steroid supplements as they deepen the voice and make women grow facial hair. The aim of bodybuilding for women is toning and sculpting rather than bulk. There are other types of benefits of bodybuilding they are more self-confidence and better feeling of self-worth. Creatine is a good supplement for women body builders if it is made specifically for women. Women can use protein, multi-vitamins, glutamine, growth hormone, amino acids and protein bars to help build their body and increase energy.

Stimulate free fat burners and fat blockers like chitosan are good to use in a body-building program. Thyroid supplements that nourish the thyroid and cause it regulate body fat better are also good. A hypo thyroid condition will cause a person to gain weight and a hyper thyroid condition will cause someone to be too thin.


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