Body & Soul - Golf's Three P's

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Body & Soul - Golf’s Three P’s

“ Yogis insist that it is the duty of every person to make oneself fit and keep fit, for ailing people are often a burden to their relatives and friends, and a charge on society ( hypochrondria is a minor crime ).”

The pages opened as they should! Page eighty nine, in the February - 2009 - issue of PGA magazine presented itself just as Joyful Living had by Ram Dass - as I searched for BKS Ingar’s 872 asanas, but recalled lending the book to a yoga student!

Page eighty nine had Adam Smith’s picture on the Teaching Teachers page. Adam had been the recent recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award - 2008, in the Mid Atlantic PGA Section

What of a human’s physiology? What of fitness? Adam was sitting in a yoga posture for good reason. The Teaching Teachers page was captioned: Stretch your students’ abilities by helping them improve their flexibility and overall fitness.

Adam’s article was complete ie., it gathered the teacher, the student, and other forms of learning and educating together. One’s incompleteness is tested to become complete in the art form - golf.

The PGA magazine is “home grown”. But, was this article for the teacher only? I think not! I viewed it as both Social Business (SB ), and Profit Maximizing Business (PMB ), and the classes that had surrounded preparation for golf, reminds me of golf’s various clubheads moving around ones searched for “center”.

Adam had partnered with what he called “Golf Doctor”, which included yoga, chiropractic skills, and pilates classes.

“ Not only does the students health and golf game improve, but you gain added respect as a caring person who really made a change in their life.”, said Adam.

Jack asked, “ Adam, had the yoga teacher informed you of the benefits of Gorakshasana? “ No!”Adam said, surprisedly

Jack said, “ The story is that the body is like a well furnished house, and old age is like a thief. Thieves are notorious for hiding in dark and unkempt places. They break into the house through the back door, or a rarely used window. So is the case with this ancient thief, old age. It enters the body through the back door, the muladhara chakra, the chakra at the perineum....”

The first sign and symptom that the thief has entered our body is stiffness in the sacrum and lower back.....

Through the practice of gorakshasana, we can gain access to the base of the spine....”

Yoga says, “ the altar is the spine and brain” - “Keep the fairway grass cut”, added Jack.

Jack said, “ Adam, the “Golf Doctor” you use in your fitness programs coincides with a training tool we’ve designed called the “Swing Doctor”. To give the tool a touch of class we’re presenting it to teachers like yourself, in a black 1940 - doctor’s house call carrying case that says “ Here comes the Doctor “ !

The “ Swing Doctor “ works all golf clubs with exception of the putter, which has its own impliment called the “ Putting Rod “.
The Swing Doctor is full circle - all clubs - all grip sizes. Therefore, it works the “steep” and the “sweep”, plus the hybrids I call “steep ‘n sweep”. Please check it out at

The “Crooked Lies“ and the “Swing Doctor” together are like the composer and conductor - inseparable. In defense of the “Swing Doctor” some say, “It’s too positional - Jack”. Could this be? Is this so? Golf’s playing field is a game of irregular lies.
The game of golf is pose, position, and posture - the three “P’s. It’s not just the ball, but fourteen clubs, and “center”: the body.

“ Action has no meaning if it is not done as part of your duty”, says Ram Dass - author of Joyfull Living.

Thomas Moore warns, “ Not to hurry to achieve and oversimplify life’s rich complexities.”

Of the four Major golf events, which one adheres to the truism of lifes challenges as an inclusive entity? Which represents golf the best? To answer - include the gallery’s movement and respect. Remember Ben Hogan’s practice when those who had watched, departed in silence, and in awe. Could it be that spirit sustains the composer and the conductor in all of us?

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oneputt profile image

oneputt 6 years ago from Phillipsburg, Ks.

Much appreciation for you style. "Home grown" anything from the PGA is a good thing. I Think.

oneputt profile image

oneputt 6 years ago from Phillipsburg, Ks.

I discovered by this blog, you and I have lived similar golf lives. Was wondering if you would share the highest level you played at?

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