Bowling Games and Family Fun Go Hand In Hand

Bowling games and family fun are good times and then some. Everyone can get involved. And we’re not the only family having at good time at the bowling alley. Here’s a family that was kind enough to let me take their picture at Westgate Lanes in Brockton, Mass. Here is Billy, Kyle, Jimmy, and Paigheon (pronounced payton).

Here's Billy, Kyle, Jimmy and Paigheon
Here's Billy, Kyle, Jimmy and Paigheon

Although bowling games are basically easy, it’s actually a skillful sport. I know it seems so simple: just roll a ball and knock down some pins; yet amazingly, it’s not as easy as it sounds. But even without your weekly practice that helps make you better, it’s always a whole lot of family fun. You just show up and give it a try!

After an hour of exciting bowling games we’re sometimes sweaty, often smiling, always going over scores, talking about correcting our techniques, high fiving each other and telling stories about the fun we just had. Whew!

Arthur and his tenpin bowling ball
Arthur and his tenpin bowling ball

So… What’s so great About Bowling Games?

Bowling is a fun sport where you, your family and friends can get involved and you can compete together, against each other or against others in friendly competition.

Bowling is an indoor non-contact sport with no time limit and no hurry that’s all offense and scoring, with just a few simple rules! Set ‘em up, knock ‘em down, and do it again and again. Highest score wins. And bowling is so remarkable that everyone has their own unique style to the way they roll the ball.

Bowling is such a thrilling, exciting (and frustrating) game. It takes some kind of concentration. One minute you’re up, the next you could be down. When you throw a strike, or even a spare, and see all those pins fall down; sometimes suddenly, sometimes slowly, it’s so exciting and satisfying. Just as frustrating and aggravating as being unable to control the ball or watching that last pin stay up when you swear you’ve rolled the perfect ball.

My fiancé’s son started bowling when he was four; he’s now 12 and still bowling strong; shoot, he might even go to bowling college…no joke.

Best of all bowling requires casual clothing and although you can own your own bowling shoes and balls, they have plenty right there at the bowling alley.

Kingpin - A Funny Bowling Movie

Where we bowl there are two different kinds of bowling we can do, Candlepin and Tenpin (Talk About Bowling Games), so we have choices most people don’t. That’s why on Sunday mornings we love to head down to our favorite bowling alley at Westgate Lanes in Brockton, Mass. They have an overhead electronic automatic scoring system to track your game and video messages to help spur you on! It couldn’t be easier.

Our Friends

Dave and Roberta
Dave and Roberta

We have gotten to know people like Dave and Roberta, they bowl for two hours every Sunday; we‘ve known them for five years now, and Steve and Gene, who like to put a stake on their bowling game, buying each other lunch or music depending on the outcome of their matches. How’s that for a little friendly competition?

Gene and Steve
Gene and Steve

Candlepin and Tenpin at The Same Time

My fiancé’s son likes to bowl the big balls of Tenpin. I prefer the small balls of Candlepin, strangely, an almost completely different challenge! So my fiancé gets to do both, sometimes bowling against me and his son at the same time! Now there’s a fun challenge! He loves it, but I don’t know how he does it – from a sixteen pound ball to one less than 2½ lbs - he even puts up decent scores in both games.

Now Back to Family Fun and More

It’s nice to see familiar faces, whether you’re at your favorite gym, or bar or bowling alley, especially Harry & Marcia Minassian the owners of Westgate Lanes, or Tim at the main desk on Sunday mornings. It makes you feel like you’re home. When I bowl well or score big, my friends cheer me on, even though they’re three lanes down from me. It’s like one big family. I can even get a printout if I want. And my fiancé is forever giving out tips: and if he doesn’t know you, too bad, you’re still getting a tip anyway! Talk about getting involved!

Arthur with his game face on
Arthur with his game face on

Oops, and speaking of getting involved, it’s my turn to bowl! I hope to see you at the bowling alley soon, because bowling games are true family fun. Our hour of bowling games are over already, boy… that was a quick hour: time to say good-bye to our friends. We’re all smiles and we all had a jolly good time. We’re outta here!

That's me candlepin bowling
That's me candlepin bowling

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Comments 5 comments

hockeylady profile image

hockeylady 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

This article holds dear to my heart since I bowled for many years as a child and as a young adult until the town's bowling alley closed down for good. Up here in Canada, I played a bowling game similar to Candle pin called five pin. It was the first organized sport I got involved in. I was only ten when I started. This is a great article Marlene. Bowling also good for kids birthday parties as well.

MarleneWheeler profile image

MarleneWheeler 5 years ago Author

Hi Hockeylady,

Thank you for your kind comment. I just learned about five pin bowling in my research and will be writing a hub that mentions it. I've been bowling for 7 years now and still love it.

profile image

Sooner28 5 years ago

I really appreciate the enthusiasm for bowling! I've never been very proficient at it, but I always enjoyed it.

MarleneWheeler profile image

MarleneWheeler 5 years ago Author

It took a while for me to become proficient, I'm now averaging between 78-84 which is just decent, but as long as I'm having fun that's okay with me. Thank you for your comment Sooner28

Gene( from the article ) 5 years ago

Awesome job, Marlene! You covered just about everything. Gonna try to get my wife and 5 kids to come one Sunday morning. Four of them anyway. They're all grown, but one is married and moved out. Bowling is good family fun. And if you go regularly, in addition to getting excercise, you meet some nice, family-oriented people... See you this weekend!

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