Brandon Jennings, Pro-Basketball Player

Brandon Jennings

Who is the next great prospect in basketball? Brandon Jennings is...

With millions of basketball players all around the world trying to make it big in America, it is extremely difficult to narrow the picks down to who will be the next great NBA player. Players from Europe are always trying to come over to America for that big paycheck to play basketball. But a kid named Brandon Jennings did the complete opposite of this and first went to Europe to play basketball, pretty strange? He does have his reasons though. As you will read on about Brandon Jennings you will learn how he became such a great star and how he might be that future of basketball that everyone is looking for. He may not be the next Micheal Jordan or the net Kobe Bryant, but this young man will come a long way and with the number he is putting up at such a young age, he reminds me of LeBron James. Like LeBron this kid has the skill and athleticism to play the game, and over the years could develop into a great player like Kobe did and what James is doing now. Read the following and become aware of the future.

Jennings the Prodigy

Jennings Crossing Up a European Player
Jennings Crossing Up a European Player

Jennings at Oak Hill High School

The Rising Star in High School
The Rising Star in High School

Breaking Down Jennings

This basketball prodigy was born in Compton California on September 23 1989. His parents Alice and Byran Jennings were inspiring adults who helped Jennings get through his hard young childhood. As Jennings got older and older his skill was being noticed more. To keep him off the bad street of Compton, his parents wanted Jennings to play basketball. In which he did, and pretty much dominated in the sport his whole life. Senior year at his high school, Oak Hill Academy, Jennings recorded an average of 32.7 points per game, 7.4 assists, and 5.1 rebounds per game. It seems as if Jennings embarrassed opposing team putting up high school number like that. Remember, in high school the quarters are only 8 minutes long opposed to the 15 minutes played at the professional level. In high school he earned many prestigious awards and became the record holder for most points scored in a season at his high school.With the numbers and the heart Jennings gave on the court it was expected that he was in store for a bright future.

Gatorade Player of The Year

Won by Jennings in 2008
Won by Jennings in 2008

Awards and Recognitions Recieved in Highschool

  • 2005 Press Telegram Freshmen Player of the Year
  • Named the Most Valuable Player of the 2006 Les Schwab Invitational Tournament
  • Co-MVP of the 2007 Elite 24 Hoops Classic (
  • 2007 Las Vegas Easter Classic Most Valuable Player
  • 2007 NBAPS Top 100 High School Camp Best Playmaker
  • 2007 The Showdown Most Valuable Player
  • 2008 Naismith Male Player of the year
  • 2007–08 Gatorade Player of the year Virginia
  • 2008 Parade Magazine Player of the Year
  • 2008 EA SPORTS National Player of the Year
  • 2008 McDonald's All-American
  • 2007–08 MaxPreps National Player of the Year
  • 2008 Jordan Brand Classic Most Valuable Player for the East
  • No. 1 rated senior by ESPN (2008)
  • No. 1 rated senior by Van Coleman Hoopmaster (2008)
  • No. 1 rated senior by Clark Franics Hoopscoop (2007 and 2008)
  • No. 1 rated senior by Dave Telep 2008

Dissapointed Jennings

Jennings Looking Defeated
Jennings Looking Defeated

College Disapointment

After high school, in 2006, Jennings verbally committed to the University of Southern California. He then changed his mind about his decision and wanted to attend the University of Arizona, where he thought Arizona's academic quality was better and he also wanted to bunk beds with Jerryd Bayless. Bayless was a basketball player at Arizona in 2007 but left in 2008 to go to the the the National Basketball Association. At Arizona there was a problem though, Jennings couldn't pass the entrance exam. Even after multiple attempts Jennings wasn't able to pass the seemingly difficult task, and announced that he wanted to be the only player in America to skip college and go to Europe to play the sport he loved. Due to the rules and regulations of the league Jennings was unable to attend the 2007 draft. The regulations of the draft included that the player entering the draft must be 19 years old and has to be one year out of high school. At the time it seemed as if Jennings could be a major disappointment, but proved the critics wrong.


Jennings in Europe

Foreigner Jennings Passing
Foreigner Jennings Passing

Ciao Jennings

On July 16, 2008 Jennings signed with Lottomatica Roma, which is a Lega A in Italy. He signed the contract for 1.65 million for one year guaranteed. After this deal under armor gave Jennings a 2 million dollar contract to advertise their products in Europe. During Jennings's stay in Europe he was worth a net profit of 3 million dollars, where as in Arizona he would be riding on a scholarship not getting paid a dime. This isn't a bad deal coming straight out of high school considering the fact that the common salary straight out of college is 36,000 dollars. In Europe Jennings did mediocre recording only 7.6 points per game and only 1.6 assists per game. It doesn't sound that great but he played in only 16 games and averaged 19 minutes per game. This didn't give Jennings much of a chance to play his game right, but the practice was needed and the money was not to shabby. Jennings did not dominate in the Euroleague, but what do you expect when the kid is in a totally new atmosphere, he is 18 years old, and got a limited amount of playing time. Jennings patience will serve him well though, because once the season ended it was back to America for the NBA Draft.

Jennings and the Bucks

Jennings on the Milwaukee Bucks
Jennings on the Milwaukee Bucks

Jennings Comes Home

After a year in Europe Jennings came home to become a professional basketball player for the NBA. He was picked 10th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks for 2.2 million, and what a steal it ended up being for Milwaukee. On October 30, 2009 Jennings made his NBA debut against the Philadelphia 76's. Jennings racked up the stats producing 17 points, 9 rebounds, and 9 assists in 34 minutes. On November 14, 2009, Jennings scored 55 points, one point away from passing the legend Earl Monroe for most points scored by a rookie. Right behind LeBron James, Brandon Jennings's 55 was the second highest point score in one game by a player under 21 years of age. Jennings did not stop after this game though. As a matter a fact he became even more of a threat on the floor against their next opponent the Dallas Mavericks where he couldn't be shut down and almost had a triple-double. He had 25 points, 7 rebounds, and 8 assists in the tough game against the Mavs. Brandon Jennings has put together a performance so far this season averaging 21.5 points per game and 5.8 assists. He is currently 20 years old and seems to be staying around for a while. Brandon Jennings is the big story this season and I think he will be the next big thing. Keep following number 3 because this guy is going to be the next legend of basketball.

The Bright Light

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Paul Edmondson profile image

Paul Edmondson 7 years ago from Burlingame, CA

Interesting. I haven't heard his name since he went to Europe. Although, he has a long way to go to be the next MJ.

Oldskool903 profile image

Oldskool903 7 years ago Author

O yea haha, but he will be the better players in the league this year. Also it really would not surprise me if this guy can be a candidate for MVP. Jennings might not become the next Jordan but he will have a great career, without injuries of coarse.

norwegianbaseball profile image

norwegianbaseball 7 years ago

I think the year overseas really helped Jenning maturation process. Although he did not put up the extrordinary numbers up that every1 thought he would, he became a man, which is much better for his future. He is extremely well spoken and plays like a matured pg rather than play with raw talent in his early years... D. Rose, Rajon Rondo and more

Now lets see what he does after this amzing start, obvs he will not be putting up 55 every week, but we will see explosions here and there. I expect him to ave. like 20ppg and 6 assists, mainly because hes one of the few players on his team that has talent.. other than Bogut and Redd they suck. But they do have a great core and Jennings can only help, i really wish he statred on a good team, because he could bring a team to a championship, which is something we dont see alot, other than Lebron. It will be interesting to see if he can develop into a passer to, because he will then be virtually unstoppable.

He wont be anything near Jordan/ Lebron, but he will be a hall of famer, and a star for a long time and he will get at least a few rings.. hopefully

Oldskool903 profile image

Oldskool903 7 years ago Author

Well said, I defiantly agree with you norwegian

Mike Lickteig profile image

Mike Lickteig 7 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

I have only heard a little bit about his time in Europe, but it sounded disappointing on a lot of levels. Clearly it prepared him for what was to come in the NBA.

I've gone on record as being opposed to high school players going straight to the NBA, and it is nice to see that this alternative to a year of college didn't ruin this young man or his game.

Nice hub, very original and insightful.

Oldskool903 profile image

Oldskool903 7 years ago Author

Hey thanks mike

Jennings is quite a player and it didn't seem like not going to college effected him at all. I totally agree with you

And once again thank you

Truth From Truth profile image

Truth From Truth 7 years ago from Michigan

I like Jennings game myself, I think he is an explosive player that will be fun to watch for years to come.Thanks for a great hub.

Oldskool903 profile image

Oldskool903 7 years ago Author

Thanks Truth From Truth, I appreciate the comment.

Right Black profile image

Right Black 7 years ago from Huntington Beach, California

Great Hub, wonder how much the Lakers will pay to get this kid? Raised in LA you know he wants to come home and Kobe won't be around forever.

Oldskool903 profile image

Oldskool903 7 years ago Author

Haha Im hoping this guy comes to the Knicks, we need him . The Lakers got their championships and rings, its New Yorks turn haha.

But thats a good point you bring up, who will replace Kobe?

And do you think the Lakers would be good without Kobe?

Paul Edmondson profile image

Paul Edmondson 7 years ago from Burlingame, CA

The Knicks are going to make a big run at Lebron. Might not be any money left:)

Oldskool903 profile image

Oldskool903 7 years ago Author


way to shut my hopes down Paul haha

That is true though, but hey I can't complain with LeBron

Paul Edmondson profile image

Paul Edmondson 7 years ago from Burlingame, CA

Yep, NYC will be very happy if they get Lebron.

MysticRuler profile image

MysticRuler 7 years ago

His name is spelled Michael Jordan.

Plasma Cutters 7 years ago

hi all,

nice and cool, I was just come here due to wrong click but when i seem your discussion then I thought i should must write something for all of you. Keep it up.

THE LIP profile image


All said and done I'd much rather hold my breath and wait to see who wud be the next Jordan a.k.a.Katie Price or Victoria Becham coz it's their performance in bed that decides how they perform in public..If they don't allow the stars to bang their balls on their walls then they're utterly frustrated and wasted in public.Don't believe me then just look at Tiger Woods....He can hit balls 300 meters into tiny holes but just one hole refuses to entertain his balls and look what he does to his BMW or was it a Porsche?

So the real motivating stars are the ladies who go down to please..Soo what if they kiss & tell later!!!

profile image

gagebags 7 years ago

he has a good prospect !

welcome to

i think you wonder to need them !woo

Oldskool903 profile image

Oldskool903 7 years ago Author

The lip i am kinda of confused what you are trying to say but if you are talking about the media and how girls get in the way of people's careers than I agree with o a very high degree. I think personal life has a huge impact on the player, but if nothing gets in Jennings's way I think he will be on a Jordan rising path

profile image

ms204b 7 years ago

The NBA needs TIM BUSH now this guy can play some basketball. He's got Denise Rodman hustle and Michael Jordan's game the league is stupid not to pick this guy up. Trust me he's what they need.

Oldskool903 profile image

Oldskool903 7 years ago Author

Hey Ms204b who is Tim Bush? Could you give me some background info on this guy?

ProHubbing profile image

ProHubbing 7 years ago from USA

Excellent article buddy. Just followed you. Actually I live in Milwaukee and watch Jennings every game. It is great to see him getting his props on the national level. He is an amazing player that is going to get so much better. He can score a lot obviously he scored 55 in a game already but he is a pass first type of guy and can run and lead a team. So very excited about his future here. Great article. Keep it up.

cp3 4 years ago

i think LbJ will the next MJ

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