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Bream Fishing is one of the most under rated types of fishing going. You often see anglers on the side of a lake that are actually annoyed that they have caught a bream rather than a carp! I for one find this quite upsetting to see! I can fully understand that they are really waiting for a 30lb monster carp to come along, but surely you shouldn't be too dissapointed with a bream taking your bait!! Maybe it's because they don't put up much of a fight? Who knows... but all I will say is that I think the bream should be shown more respect! Here is some tips on how to catch some of most beautiful fish that lake in our lakes and ponds.

  1. Although bream seem to feed quite happily when carp fisherman are fishing, you will still find better results and catch more bream using lighter tackle. 4lb line, and a size 14 hook is a good set up for bream.
  2. You can fish for bream in any way that you wish to, and they are strong enough to set off a buzzer and bites indications are quite good with the bream. However I prefer to either float fish or quiver tip - feeder fish for the bream.  This way you can see the bites more clearly and I seem to get better results fishing for them in this way.
  3. Bream will eat pretty much anything! Which is why most people have probably caught a bream many times without even meaning to. I personally find the best baits for targetting the bigger bream are halibut pellets. 12mm is a good size pellet to try - and if you can get the oily soft pellets from sonubaits that you can put straight on the hook then you should try these because they work wonders for me. Sweetcorn is also good, and in the winter try curry sweetcorn.
  4. Bream can usually be caught close is as well as far out. It doesn't take a 200ft cast to find a bream, they are normally sitting right at your feet.
  5. Normally you will find that Bream stick together. If you have caught one then you will normally find yourself catching more. If you are not catching any then you should move around untill you find them. Bream like groundbait so be sure to use it to attract them to your swim. You should make sure that you continue to feed the swim whilst you are catching and there may be a lot of bream where you are fishing and you want to keep them occupied in your swim so that they do not swim away!

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