How Much Should You Walk To Lose Weight?

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How Much Should You Walk To Lose Weight?

Exercising regularly can sometimes feel like hard work but you can accomplish more when you keep your goals in mind. Set time-bound goals. These time-bound goals should be specific, so you should set an exact figure for anything that you would like to achieve.

Your goals should also be realistic and achievable. If you are just starting on a 10,000 step a day plan, you it would be better to set a long term goal that allows for that, instead of one that requires you to do 20,000 steps daily.

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How Much Should You Walk To Lose Weight? Cardio Alternative to Yoga Pilates

Walking is a great form of exercise because it puts less stress on your feet and it is something that you can do even if running is not a safe alternative. Some injuries can be a deterrent to running but are usually less affected by walking.

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How Much Should You Walk To Lose Weight? Break Up Your Walking Into Half Hour or One Hour Portions

If you are walking at the right pace, you should be able to do between 3,000 and 4,000 steps in half an hour. Challenge yourself more every week. If you find that you are only able to do 3,000 steps in half an hour in your first week of walking, work your way up to 3,200 and then 3,500.

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How Much Should You Walk To Lose Weight? Get More Done During Your Workout

Also try listening to a book if there's one that you have always wanted to read, such as a bestseller, fictional thriller or something that will help you in your professional life.

Some stores offer free audio books that you can download and listen to on your iPhone. This way, you can set your daily walking time aside as a period during which you can accomplish two things at once.

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How Much Should You Walk To Lose Weight? Walk With A Friend Who Is Dedicated

Two are better than one. If one person falls the other will be there to pick them up and encourage them to keep going. If you partner with a dedicated friend over the long term, they will be there to push you to keep going when you want to give up. Likewise, you can encourage them to put out their best effort on days when they would rather curl up indoors and do nothing after a hard day.

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How Much Should You Walk To Lose Weight? Change

Exercising regularly can help you to look and feel younger. It can also stimulate your mind and improve your memory. Choose different walking routes so that you don't get tired of walking through the same place every day.

Of course, there are many men and women who enjoy walking on a treadmill and don't mind that. Others enjoy being warmed up outdoors, paying attention to the sights and sounds all around them. Find out what works for you and do that. If you find that you are not as stimulated by a particular environment, change it up.

Stretching before you go for that walk

How Much Should You Walk To Lose Weight? Walk with Weights

Regular exercise at least three hours before bedtime can help you to sleep and rest better. Walking with weights can help you to burn more calories and will improve your muscle tone more quickly.

This is a good goal to have and will boost your confidence, especially if you have never taken on the challenge of working with weights in a gym or at home. You may also want to consider walking in rougher terrain at least once per month. This type of goal will push you to keep going further and help you to reach your short term goals more quickly.

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DDE profile image

DDE 2 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

Walking is a natural way to keep fit and I have to get back in to walking briskly daily. I am active daily but lately have lacked my walking skills. An interesting hub from you to keep fit and healthy.

CherylsArt profile image

CherylsArt 2 years ago from West Virginia

I love walking, both outdoors and indoors. I like that our terrain gives both some uphills and downhills so it is more of a workout. For indoors, I usually put in a Leslie Sansone DVD.

jtrader profile image

jtrader 2 years ago Author

Your environment sounds like a great place to spend time outdoors. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Cheryl!

jtrader profile image

jtrader 2 years ago Author

Thanks for the kind words DDE. You always share interesting pictures from your walks and I look forward to seeing more of the scenery from your area.

VioletteRose profile image

VioletteRose 2 years ago from Chicago

Walking is the best way to reduce weight. It worked for me when I was trying to lose weight, and it is also one of my favourite activities to do with my family!

Susan Recipes profile image

Susan Recipes 2 years ago from India

I like walking and I at least walk an hour everyday.

jtrader profile image

jtrader 2 years ago Author

I am glad that walking works for you and your family Violette Rose. It is an effective means of controlling weight.

jtrader profile image

jtrader 2 years ago Author

You've got a good, healthy habit Susan.

peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 20 months ago from Home Sweet Home

brisk walking is good, evening walk or morning walk makes a big difference

jtrader profile image

jtrader 20 months ago Author

Yes, it definitely does.

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