British Open Golf 2010-Louis Oosthuizen wins in Style!

Bristish Open Winner

Well, Louis Oosthuizen did it! How did he do it, is the question? With no track record at the British open this south african player literally dominated the proceedings and took home the claret jug. His consistent showing through the four rounds was just amazing. I generally dont watch golf tournaments through and through, but this time I must admit that I was completely floored with louis's performance. The cool, calm and composed manner in which he just played his rounds were just amazing.

The course was fickle through the four days. The first day it was like an indulging lover, wherein everyone could play a great game. the second day, it threw tantrums and then continued in the same manner over the remaining days, I think, purposely, just to prove a point. :)

The surprising package was Rory McIlroy. He played a fantastic game during the first round and the last round, to make Westwood work hard for his second place. Daly unfortunately didnt stand a chance. Casey was unfortunate to loose out a clear second place after a triple bogey and could never recover from that. Kaymer started his charge but couldnt seal the deal.Tiger just caught washed away.

This open threw up the next generation of golfers. The sight of Louis Oosthuizen embracing his wife and adorable little daughter just showed that how important it is to have family share your dreams and success. Well done Louis!!!

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