Buffalo Bills’ All-Time Passing TD Leaders

The Buffalo Bills began play in the AFL in 1960, and merged into the NFL in 1970. The team struggled mostly until the ‘90’s, when they made it to four straight Super Bowls, losing each time. But the franchise did win two AFL championships, in 1964 and 1965. And they also had some incredible teams in the ‘90’s, especially starting with QB Jim Kelly. So here is a short list of the Bills’ all-time leaders to date in passing touchdowns:

Jim Kelly (237)—Jim Kelly played for the Bills his entire career, from 1986 to 1996, and he ranks first in Bills’ history with 237 passing touchdowns. Kelly’s best season was 1991, when he had career highs in passing yards (3844) and passing touchdowns (33, led the NFL), with 17 interceptions, on his way to being named a first team All Pro.

Joe Ferguson (181)—Joe Ferguson played for Buffalo most of his career, from 1973 to 1984, and he ranks second in franchise history with 181 TD passes. Ferguson had a career high 26 touchdown passes in 1983, but his best season was arguably 1981. That year, Ferguson threw for a career high 3652 yards, with 24 touchdown passes and 20 picks.

Jack Kemp (77)—Jack Kemp played for the Bills from 1962 to 1969, leading Buffalo to their only two titles. Kemp ranks third in team history with 77 touchdown passes, and he had a career best 20 TD passes with the Chargers in 1960 and he had 14 TDs with the Bills in 1967. But Kemp’s best season with the Bills was arguably 1963, when he threw for 2910 yards with 13 TD passes, despite 20 interceptions (Kemp never had more TDs than picks in his career).

Drew Bledsoe (55)—Drew Bledsoe played for the Bills from 2002 to 2004, after he was unceremoniously discarded in favor of a guy named Brady with the Patriots in 2001. Bledsoe ranks fourth in Bills’ history with 55 TD passes, and while he had his best seasons in New England, Bledsoe had his best season for Buffalo in 2002. That year, Bledsoe threw for 4359 yards and 24 touchdowns, with 15 interceptions.

Doug Flutie (47)—Doug Flutie played for the Bills from 1998 to 2000, and he ranks fifth in franchise history with 47 TD passes. Flutie had his best season in the NFL with Buffalo in 1998, when he made it to the Pro Bowl for the only time in his career. That year, Flutie threw for 2711 yards, and had a career high of 20 touchdown passes, with 11 picks.

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Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for your comprehensive information.

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I am DB Cooper 6 years ago from Whereabouts unknown at this time

So basically the Bills have had 3 quarterbacks who spent a good chunk of their careers in Buffalo. Every other QB has just been a journeyman, some better than others. Pretty amazing when you think about it.

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