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The Background of Table Tennis

Table tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. Traditionally known as an Olympic sport and a sport that is dominated by chinese and japenese players. Some know it as ping pong and others table tennis. When we think of the Olympics we think of players standing many feet away from the table and smashing the ball hard at each other! It can be a wonderful game to play with friends and family just for fun - but it can also be a fantastic competitive game. In general many people find that the more they play, the more competitive they become. It is without a doubt and underestimated sport. There are some great health benefits to playing and also huge amounts of self satisfaction.

People Under Estimate The Bat !!! .......

It is fair to say that many amateur players completely under estimate the importance of the racket. There are many different surfaces that provide different grips, spins and cushion bounce. If a player uses the correct bat for them, then they are sure to see a huge improvement in their game. On the other hand if a player who likes to spin a ball is using a bat that is more designed for smashing a ball then they will find their game weakened considerably.

Perhaps the world's best known table tennis sports maker is butterfly. Famous for it's unique folding tables and great quality and enthusiasm in the game. Therefore its natural that the majority of the best table tennis players in the world use a butterfly table tennis bat. They are fairly priced and offer each player a perfect companion. Table tennis isn't just a case of hitting the ball back onto the table. There are many aspects and lots of skill involved in the game that is sometimes unforeseen. There are many tactics, and lots of different styles of play. Each person has their own style and knows what works well and what doesn't for them. Some are spinners and some are smashers! Some are clever whilst some have a bit of everything - It can be become a real battle on the table at times!

Killerspin are a close competitor to Butterfly, many prefer their bats and claim that they give something a little different. These are beauitfully crafted bats that were orginally designed with the spinner in mind. The handles are shaped depending on the type of player and each racket gives it own special cushion and grip to the ball.

One of the most frustrating thing about playing table tennis is that the balls will occasionally break! Some we stand on and smash up, whilst others break from game play. Therefore it is important that you always have a good back up of quality balls.

With multi-packs you can find yourself saving lots of money and getting a really good bargain. You will always have that comfort that if one ball breaks, you will have another - so it will not be the end of the game!

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