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When it gets to that certain time of year when most fish go to sleep, it is the pike that becomes the dominant fish in the water, feeding throughout the colder months and taking advantage of slower moving prey. Pike are the predators of coarse fishing with perch being the 2nd most common predator. Whilst pike are beautiful fish they also give a fantastic fight, and can be one of the most exciting fish to catch. Unlike most other fish pike are fished for using dead baits or lures. There are many different types of lure and it is usually the one that you least expected to catch on that brings you into hooking that wonderful fish. Here is a fine selection of some of the finest lures available, that will assist you in catching your dream fish!

A common mistake made by many pike fisherman is that they do experiment with enough lures. We tend to stick to a boring dull lure that we expect to catch a pike on. This could be seen as a mis conception, as many anglers who mix it up a bit find themselves hooking into some of the best fish. It is not uncommon for pike to be caught on lures designed for bass fishing.

There are many types of lures. There is the the topper which is designed to move along the top of the water immitating a fish struggling to get back down, and probably already dieing. The most popular lure is probably the sinking lure, which bobs and immitates a live fish's movement when reeled in. There are kicking lures, rubber lures, metal lures, plastic lures and even rattling lures that rattle as they move along. All of this tend to make it that  that little bit more difficult to choose for us hardcore pike anglers! You also tend to find that different waters and lakes bring different results. Therefore when it comes to fishing a place for the first time you will want to make sure that you are fully equiped and prepared to many different tactics in order to catch that killer fish!

Once you are a fisherman the chances are that you will always be a fisherman. It is something that only us anglers understand. We don't expect the whole world to agree with us, and if they did it would probably become much less fun! There would be more people fishing our favourite lakes and there would hardly ever be a swim to fish! The pike would be taking us over one anothers lines and it just wouldn't be the same. Fishing is a little bit of joy that keeps us active, healthy and having fun whilst doing so.

Many people understimate the difficulty and the skill involved in catching one of these fine fish as this makes them novices. If you think in this way then you will only catch pike by luck rather than skill and should always remember not to under estimate them!

Remember pike are predators but sometimes they can be a little lazy! You would have probably experienced this when you have had a pike sitting close inat your swim and it doesn't seem to matter where you drop the bait the pike just simply isn't interested. This is frustrating and annoying so even more important to have something that little bit different try try and tempt him in. It is important to continue to try something a little different, even when nothing is working and you might find yourself amazed with the results. Keep it colourful and mix it up. Good luck and Happy fishing! Theres plenty more big ones out there waiting to be caught as we speak!

And one last word. Pike are predators and don't forget it!

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