Camping Sleeping Bags

Camping Sleeping Bags

Choosing a camping sleeping bag is not a simple task, you should notice some characteristics that can guarantee or ruin your night's sleep. Get cold at night or not sleep because of the heat, it may mean that you have purchased the wrong sleeping bag.

Before you buy, stay tuned for details:

Hood - It serves to keep you warm on cold nights. Get in the sleeping bag and cover your head, the ideal is that you can breathe, turn and roll with ease.

Thermal collar - sits at the base in the hood and makes you not lose heat in the neck and shoulders. Give preference to those that are padded, it helps to fill the space between these two members.

Zipper and seam - Open up the bag and carefully watch the finish. The zipper should run smoothly without grabbing the fabric, the stitching should be firm and well attached to the fabric.

Pockets - If placed at strategic points they can help if not they can disrupt enough.

Size - There are camping sleeping bags in different shapes and sizes, but all should provide you some internal space. Therefore, enter the sleeping bag and see if you can stretch inside keeping some extra inches in the legs and head.

Models of camping sleeping bags

Sarcophagus: the shoulders are wider and narrower feet, on heating are the most suitable.

Rectangular: They have greater internal space, but fall short on heating.

Semi-rectangular: They have the part of the feet narrower than the head, are very comfortable and offer greater mobility.

The price of sleeping bags can range from $ 50 to $ 300 depending on model and size. Among the most popular brands are: Liberty, Mummy, Nautika, Ferrino, Cheetah, Deuter, and others.

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